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User Info: Shadow_Killer70

3 years ago#1
I have a lvl 15 cleric. And,i was doing some quests near Argent Grove.
I killed this goblin and he dropped an adventures' Hat. This hat offered a quest to kill so many # of goblins and i would be able to choose a Hat/cowl.

I completed my quest and it just vanished. i looked in my bag and nothing. No where on my map was a marker to go to to turn in my quest...nothing.

Does anyone know of this quest? Is it glitched? Did i mess something up or miss something?

User Info: Kroguys

3 years ago#2
Is there a grey diamond icon right above the quest tracker? A lot of quests are turned in that way.

User Info: Shadow_Killer70

3 years ago#3
I didn't notice one.
It didn't even seem like there was anyone to turn the quest in to...which is strange.
I tried rift-heading it,but,i couldn't even find that quest.
It must be random.

User Info: Arya1

3 years ago#4
Is this quest still occur on your quest log?
If not, then you are already completed the quest and claimed your reward.
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