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User Info: ShadowInTheMyst

3 years ago#1
Hey guys,
So my brother has recently asked me to start playing this game with him or to find one we can play together. We're both older, I have a full time job and he's in college. So far, he has done a dismal job at actually explaining this game to me, other than saying it is a lot like WoW (a game I loved, but didn't find worth paying for anymore at this point in time). I also know that WoW required a lot of time (and if it didn't require it, it drew you to it anyway), and that's not something I'm particularly looking for either.

I guess I'm asking can someone to a basic breakdown of the game, and what kind of commitment this game takes, if any?
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User Info: roleplayergamer

3 years ago#2
I am probably not the best one to really answer this because 1) I am a newbie and 2) I have never played WoW. So can't say how it can fully compare.

The game is pretty strong, a lot of players, macro based like WoW (though I don't know how that works).

Commitment is depending on you, it is a F2P game, so you can go casual while it was a P2P game like WoW before so it does have some hardcore gamer aspects.

The game have group events everywhere called Rifts, which players activate, which can also activate Armies to march off to a town area. Character creation, is fun, there is like 4 classes but in those classes have sub-tree classes, so say you pick a warrior class, you can go a defensive counter attack Paladin, magic enchanting Riftblade, full brawler Champion, a anti-magic Void Knight and much more, then you can combine 3 of them to create your playstyle. (right now have a off-tank Paladin/Riftblade/Champion Warrior and a Justicar Cleric)

User Info: tryforce

3 years ago#3
I played WoW from vanilla to lichking. This game plays a lot lot WoW. (quests/addons/macros). Now I pretty new to the game but it has several things are unique, making it different from other MMOs. Here a few I noticed.

1. They have dynamic Rift events that can happen anywhere while questing.
2. The class are very flexible and customable. You can change roles on the fly (tank/heals/dps/support_
3. Instant Adventure lets you group with others while completing tasks in regions.
4. Mentor system lets you lower your level to group or level up in lower regions/dungeons.

These are 2 things I know are in game but have yet to try them yet/

At level 50 you get some kind of element specialization that levels up.
1-2 players mini dungeons called Chronicles. .

I'm sure there more but those are the only ones I can think of.

User Info: ShadowInTheMyst

3 years ago#4
Thanks for the help guys. I'm definitely gonna give this a try when I pick up a little more free time.
Simba just couldn't wait to be king...

User Info: WarBeagle

3 years ago#5
It's like WoW but better in almost every way.
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