What's changed since the Ember Isles?

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User Info: panzar dragoon

panzar dragoon
3 years ago#1
I played this game during the beta, then played along for a while after it was released. I played up until the Ember Isle... What's changed since then? Is it worth coming back to? Also, now that this game is free-to-play do I have any bonuses from buying this game way back when?
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#2
Four new souls, two new landmasses that probably comprise an area equal to the original content and maybe then some, all the attendant new raids/5-mans, zone events, currency, item tiers/sets, and so on, mentoring to let you temporarily de-level your character after a fashion and continue earning experience for older, lower-leveled content (forced on you if you do low-level zone events), PvP rifts, more warfronts, chronicles, slivers, many more roles (I think it goes up to like 10 roles now), and probably a few other things I'm forgetting or ain't aware was implemented after you last played.

Oh, yes, and there are two "general" professions similar to first aid, fishing, and cooking from World of Warcraft. These are, not so ironically, fishing and cooking. They don't count to your "hard" crafting limit which, incidentally, is no longer hard limited at 3 professions. You can expand the number of profession "slots" your character has by buying items off of the Rift store at, IIRC, 1250 credits a pop. For reference that's something like $7.69 per additional skill slot.

As for what you get for previously being a subscriber you get 6 character slots per server (as opposed to 2), all the bag slots you used to have (as opposed to 2 or 3, I forget which), and an amount of credits and loyalty based on how long you subscribed prior to the game's F2P shift. Regarding loyalty, it's earned by spending credits, using Rift EXchange tokens (REX) to get credits, buying credits (IIRC), and, I think, subbing for "patron status" (mostly just point gain boosts like experience, currency, etc.), and it provides access to per-character rewards like a mount, weapon skin change item, the old "you subbed for X months" vendor and armor rewards, and so on. Mind you also that by per-character I mean that all characters get all the items; you don't have to pick one character to get the mount or the weapon transmog consumable, they all get them.

If you're thinking of getting back into the game what I would strongly suggest you do is wait about a month. From what's been said by some of the staff patch 2.7 is apparently going to launch within the first or second week of May, probably on the 7th but possibly on the 14th given that Wednesday is patch day, and with it the four new souls. Given that you have to buy the Storm Legion souls you'll likely have to buy the souls in 2.7 as well (the expansion content, however, is totally free as likely will be the content when 3.0 launches), and it would probably be best to wait, for the most part, until they're out so you can see what the price for them is and purchase/acquire credits accordingly so that you "waste" as little money as possible if you want them.
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