why isnt this game more popular?

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User Info: DENGUIN

3 years ago#1
Its free to play
Its not pay to win.. the low level epics you can buy are no differant than heirlooms in WoW.

Plus if you ask me it does everything better than WoW.
Everything looks 10x better.
Day night cycle.
Talent trees.
Pvp system.

An entire new world to explore. Everybody knows wow like the back of their hand.

I dont get it.
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User Info: Xydru

3 years ago#2
It's not very newbie friendly, for starters.

That's all I can say <- just started playing myself :o

Still, it seems a little more populated than Aion (my current MMO), if a bit uglier.

User Info: BIadeBIade

3 years ago#3
got boring after two years
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#4
I don't like the art aesthetics. The graphics might be technically superior, but they're visually inferior to World of Warcraft's. Likewise the game's engine itself started out average at best and Trion has slowly been de-optimizing it.

It used to be I could get 40-50 FPS in Meridian, 50-60 FPS in combat, and 70-80 FPS just looking at the landscape with my normal graphics settings which included full shadows. Now I'm lucky to get frame rates like that after reducing draw distances and disabling shadows. All graphics options enabled used to tank my frame rate to 30 FPS in nearly every situation, but now my machine struggles to hit 20 FPS with the same settings.

On top of that it is "just another WoW clone." The soul trees might be more like pre-4.0 World of Warcraft, but Trion's making some dungeons easier, "streamlining" the tutorial areas and making leveling in general faster and easier, and in general "casualifying" many aspects of the game go right back to World of Warcraft and how Blizzard changed it over the years. The game didn't start out as a bastion of "hardcore MMO gameplay" by any stretch of the imagination, but what difficulty/investment was there was appreciated by people who were tired of the instant gratification for no real effort available in many other MMOs.

The restrictions on free accounts can be a bit annoying to new players too. Limited character slots aren't as bad as limited bag slots, but both can still be rather annoying, and until they understand the system the restrictions on things like using the auction house can turn them off to the game as well.

Outside of the new player experience I've noticed that the amount of discontent players, especially long-term players, have with Trion on a customer/provider basis seems to be increasing over the years. IIRC the loss of Daglar was one of the more controversial issues for many players. When players have concerns over the corporate side of a game it's hard to blame them for not recommending a game to other people or suggesting that others might want to take a wait and see approach before picking it up.

I like the game and many of the ideas in it, but I have a hard time enjoying playing it at times. Frame rate issues make playing frustrating in and of itself, but alongside that as someone who started playing before the game launched I don't appreciate how several core class mechanics have changed. Justicar and Chloromancer healing used to be based on a percentage of damage done which I liked, but now healing is done simply by doing damage and the amount of damage is utterly irrelevant. Likewise Necromancers used to have a couple of healing spells, and while they would never replace dedicated healers they could help heal a party through a boss fight in a pinch if the healer died partway through.

Then there's how they turned Beastmaster into a Support soul and took away the (of/de)fensive buffs for their pets thereby rendering Warrior the only calling without a tank pet, altered Warlord so that now not only is it no longer a tank soul but it's not even a Support soul as Trion had originally been leaning towards with it, and come 3.0 Reaver will no longer be a tank soul as well.

Frankly, if Trion could ever get the engine to not run like crap I could deal with the mechanics/calling/soul changes, but for right now it's one thing on top of another. Still and all it's far and away better than World of Warcraft. I literally cried the last 4 or 5 times I logged into one of my death knights in that game.
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User Info: Solasun

3 years ago#5
Because ever since Storm Legion released - Trion have been attempting to kill this game.
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User Info: HotStuffComing

3 years ago#6
I know, right!!! My husband and I have been playing this ever since it was suggested to us on the TESO forums. Loving it so far.

Although I have heard some terrible things about Trion, however most of those revolved around Defiance. Mostly people were ticked off for buying Defiance and the Season pass for ridiculous amounts of money, only to have them go on clearance a month after. It seems Trion also doesn't compensate their fans, which really is too bad.

Having said that, we are loving Rift so far.

User Info: Wasted_Spaceman

3 years ago#7
Honestly I loved this game when I played it (for about a year and a half). At that time, I was a very hardcore raider in WoW and Rift and I actually thought Rift's raids were more entertaining and better tuned then a lot of what WoW offered in WotLK with the exception of a few encounters (like H-LK). I liked that we had dedicated buffers/debuffers, that tanks actually had to do things, that positioning was extremely important, and that there were a lot of mechanics that if a single person screwed up it would wipe the raid, which demanded people to actually participate rather than just be present and spam a macro.

Rift was really popular for awhile. Unfortunately, WoW is still the king of the market, and the popularity of other MMOs may boom initially but after an expansion for WoW hits, the other MMOs will see a sharp decrease in population until it dwindles down to the core followers, server mergers, etc. I stopped playing Rift for awhile because my guild fell apart after a handful of people had schedule changes and could no longer raid consistently, and we couldn't find competent replacements.
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User Info: Giarccpsn

3 years ago#8
I stopped liking it after it went F2P, the cash shop became the main focus in every update.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

3 years ago#9
I had to go back and edit this message so many times, its late, f*** it. This game was created to be a p2p WoW clone, and it did a good job, just like the others that came at the wrong time. Just like the others, they failed. I did enjoy this game, and am also one of the tools that do go back to wow after each expansion. When I do come back, Ill lvl to cap, spend a few weeks and lose interest and unsubscribe (Cat and beyond). In between xpacs I always find my way back at some point, but ironically Ill spend most my time lvling other classes I never lvld. I'm an old school player, so I don't tend to rush it to cap and I do quest and join 5 mans.

My point being is in wow I still enjoy the leveling experience more then Rift, I'm sure im not the the only one. The quest and and 5mans (and lore) are just better.
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User Info: LeviathDragon

3 years ago#10
I agree with the comment about post Storm Legion. I loved the game pre SL, but afterwards there was a noticible shift. The transition to free to play was fine, but when Elrar and other members of Trion quit/fired/whatever happened it was a sign that the game was changing. I kind of blame Defiance for taking away resources as well as a lot of forced cross promotion, but I'm not sure how true that is.

It's still an okay game, but I'm defitely not as into it as I was from launch to Storm Legion.
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