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User Info: RockoTR

7 years ago#1

Booster Trooper from DnS Development is now available on Steam and 10% off for the first week.

Booster Trooper is the future of multiplayer platform shooters. It provides tons of fun with its fast paced action and larger-than-life weapons. You can run or fly around the map, blasting your enemies to bits with bullets, rockets, grenades, magma and other weapons from your arsenal.

Whether you play it against the BOTs or a live player, Booster Trooper will constantly keep you on the edge! Rankings, co-operation, tactics and split second decisions will deliver hours and hours of online multiplayer entertainment!

Booster Trooper includes 260 Steam Achievements and takes advantage of Steam's Leaderboards and Stats.

- 24 Apr 2010, Steam News

User Info: Onyx3173

7 years ago#2
Not a terrible game, seems like a mix of Facewound and Unreal Tournament.
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