max needs?

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User Info: Chris_Campbell

6 years ago#1
is there a cheat to max all your needs? if so how do you do it? thanks for the help :D
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User Info: VillNess

6 years ago#2

You shouldn't use any cheats... Because they disable trophies and challenges!

But you can use Karma powers which are like cheats but without any problems! To get max needs select the "Super satisfy" karma and choose the sim you want to max needs. You need Karma points to do this (40 for "Super satisfy") which you get every day at 12.00 am or by completing challenges/wishes.

Also go to options and scroll down and unclick "Enable Karma Consequences" so you can use Karma as much as you want and have points without that annoying earthquake at midnight :/

User Info: treyh0

6 years ago#3

Cheats don't disable challenges, just the Trophy support. If you want to be able to play the game, complete challenges and don't care about having anyone on your friends list compare & compete for who has the most trophies, it's a great way to be able to quickly experiment and try out scenarios without having to build up a career for weeks to get enough money to move out of your starter shack. Of course, picking an existing household is an option too. Some people just don't care about trophies, not at all.

User Info: VillNess

6 years ago#4

They do disable challenges too...

Anyways, to get cheats this is what you have to do:

Press Start button. Keep all back buttons down (L2,L1,R2,R1). Now press start again to continue playing. Then press Select and choose Buy/Build mode. Press square and choose Buy. Select decorations and then miscellaneous. There should be this Llama decoration. Place it somewhere in your lot and exit to live mode. Now just click the Llama and choose the cheat you want to use!

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