How many kids can you have?

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User Info: iloveblurazberi

7 years ago#1
Is it the same as the computer game?
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User Info: Gangsta_Grizzil

7 years ago#2
the highest i ever had is two. i couldn't afford to go after another since they were both todlers and the mother missed work since she join the business club
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User Info: padiddles

7 years ago#3
My Surrounded by Family says to raise 4 children from babies to teenagers. I'm working on baby number 3, but don't think I'll achieve baby #4 since I'm about to reach elder stage. Perhaps my 72 year old husband and I can pop another one out immediately after the third one arrives.

User Info: drscott111

7 years ago#4
I lost count as I keep drowning them in the pool. LOL.
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