Where can i find the seed for a life fruit tree?

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  3. Where can i find the seed for a life fruit tree?

User Info: thiaaa

6 years ago#1
I'm trying to make ambrosia, so i need life fruit, but have no idea where i can find the seeds. I'm guessing the fields around the catacombs? Also is it labelled as a rare seed?

User Info: JeffCash84

6 years ago#2
It is indeed labeled as a rare seed. As for its location, it's random. It might help to give your sim the ''Lucky'' trait and get the ''Collection Helper'', which costs 40 000 wish points.

User Info: Fail__

6 years ago#3
actually its a "special" seed, not "rare".

this may have been coincidence but it doesnt hurt to look yourself. i found two special seeds which later turned out to be a money tree, and a life plant. in the very top right of the map is a fishing spot, both of the seeds were in that location, near the water.
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User Info: thiaaa

6 years ago#4
okay, well just to be sure i've planted like 10 "rare" seeds, and 2 "special" seeds. i can't find anymore, and i can't even remember where i found these special ones, but i need some more!

thanks guys.

User Info: BigCheesySan

6 years ago#5
If just one of those special seeds turns out to be a life plant then you're set. Every life fruit planted is guaranteed to grow another life plant.

Just go around town picking up seeds, even the ones you don't want so that a special seed may spawn in it's place. My 4th special seed turned out to be a life plant. My 3 were death and flame plants.

User Info: Cryptochid5000

6 years ago#6
Best place to find seeds is the fishing hole in the north eastern corner of the map.

Not sure about the other homes but the Sim home you can chose on the far west side across the street from a kiddie park always seems to spawn at least 3-4 seeds a day.

Not sure if Life plants are supposed to die quickly or because I fertilized it with a Deathfish.
Be careful when fertilizing.

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User Info: d4rk0n3

6 years ago#7
I always found at least 2 special seeds every respawn by the criminal warehouse. I currently have 10 money trees, and at least 2 life plants growing. If you give yourself green thumb trait you can revive them when they die.

I have like 60 lifefruit in my inventory. (be careful when you put in refrigerator because sims will make life fruit pancakes lol).
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  3. Where can i find the seed for a life fruit tree?

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