The sims 4!!!!

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User Info: Tboyswag

5 years ago#1
If there was a sims 4 I would like to see new,

1. jobs like
Singer-pop,rock,hip-hop,country,r&b,Latin,gospel,or opera
Law-lawyer or judge
Model-swimsuit,lingere,suit, & more

Skateboards,roller skates,motorcycle

Table tennis
Volleyball,Bowling,& wrestling(with ring)
Pole dancing
Musical chairs
Water guns
Pillow fight

Pent houses
Bigger mansions with elevators

Funny-sexy joke,wack joke
Romantic-woohoo in shower and table,Role play

6.Mini games
Play sports
Dance competition
Play arcade games
Wet t-shirt contest(for female sims)
Up to ten per household

Tatoo shop
Salon/barber shop

9.body features
Six and eight packs
Bigger breast and butts
Automatically start in different races(white,black,Latin,Asian,ect)

More swimsuits
More lingere
Regional clothing locations(for adults)
Clubs(pre-teens and teens could sneak in)
Fight club locations(for family)
Theme parks
Sports games
Beach locations(for any age under adult)
Bigger playground
Skate park(adults could be in it to)

Fairies(smaller than humans but could fly)

User Info: corex3d

5 years ago#2
i would like the console version the sims 2 controls and split screen back

User Info: MrB730

5 years ago#3
I would like it to have an online feature. Where you can visit other peoples houses online, or if that would get too crowded and annoying just visit with your xbox friends. I think that would be an incredible feature.
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User Info: BRANTLY_75

5 years ago#4
I agree completely with MrB730, mostly with OP, and partially with corex3d.

Anyhoo, what I would absolutely love to see is more illegal&illicit actions&happenings, such as guns, drugs, murder, suicides, etcetera... Maybe an online version where you can visit your friend's town via the internet in a ghetto type Sims world - Call it: Sims: South Side - Advertisement: Pop yo homie for stealing yo Bricks&Hoes from the seat of yo couch, b¡tch!
Nintendo rocks! But not the Wii. The PS3 is okay, but the PS2 is better.
I needed something with better graphics than a PS2, so I got the Xbox 360.

User Info: OriginalUserName

5 years ago#5
Brantly sounds like he wants GTA, not Sims. That's down the hall on the left. Look for the pile of dead hookers.

As for a Sims 4...with the way things are going these days, I predict Sims 4: Kinect.
Or some advanced form of motion control. Basically, if your Sim has needs like food, skill boosting, etc., you have to do it.
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User Info: BRANTLY_75

5 years ago#6
>Hey OriginalUserName, The Sims 3 as it is makes me fall asleep. It's almost as easy to fall asleep playing that than it is playing Viva Pinata. Not quite, but still. And the series would get more people just to make one game like that, or at least an extension on an already made Sims 3/4/5 game. What chue think?

>Also, I wouldn't mind seeing them add Third-Person-View to control your Sim directly. It'd be like a more personal RPG.
Nintendo rocks! But not the Wii. The PS3 is okay, but the PS2 is better.
I needed something with better graphics than a PS2, so I got the Xbox 360.
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