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User Info: firefoxts5

6 years ago#1
after black ops blew up i have given up on treyarch will no longer buy their games. as for IW i'll give them one more shot to make a good game online. Their story mode is always great but online sucks. If they get rid of all the things that made mw2 unplayable it'll be a buy.
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User Info: spike0079

6 years ago#2
I'm gonna start a rental account for these silly games. they've gotten too expensive.
Say what...

User Info: Spartan_RL

6 years ago#3
Im sorry to tell u but i think this game will be the same as the last two. For the most part its not treyarch or infinitywards fault for why these games annoy you, its the community that plays them. For example, cod4 is considered to be the best one in the series. I believe this is because nobody really abused anything because the game was only popular to more hardcore gamers like me and u. Cod5, more or less, was the same way. When MW2 came out the community increased by millions and unfortunatley some of these new players brought their immature play style with them.Whether it be camping, noobtubing, MLC knifing, or lacking the ability to use more than one type of weapon. Im just using many of the complaints ive seen in the past and honestly if u want to enjoy cod u just have to accept it for what it is, a game that suits anyone who wants play. From veterans to the weekend warriors call of duty will always be the best game for the gamer who doesnt feel like getting too involved but wants to play a quick game.
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User Info: Stryder_18

6 years ago#4

For me they need to release some big new trailer or something to keep me interested in this game and I'm not talking about those crappy trailers they just released. Because for me Battlefield 3 is starting to look better and better all the time!

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