quickscoping is overpowered

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User Info: kabia12

5 years ago#1

look at this video and tell me it is not overpowered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJnlzdUu2sY&feature=related

User Info: Aether_Lyric

5 years ago#2
Oh wow is that the MSR? Looks like it scopes in even faster than the L118. o_o

Quickscoping is annoying but I wouldn't call it overpowered though.

User Info: foody58

5 years ago#3
that guy has no life and quickscoping is stupid
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User Info: Shinra_Tensei

5 years ago#4
Reg. guns have proven to be even more effective than snipers on this game, especially considering how "tight" some of the maps are, it's all balanced IMO, to each his own :) I'm really liking the look of sniping though.
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User Info: Atropis_Orth

5 years ago#5
While I don't like quickscoping, I do really love the sound of that sniper rifle.
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User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#6
Looks fun.

Don't even know why you're complaining, not like it doesn't take 2 shots from any other gun to kill someone with it being 50x easier.
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User Info: Core_Of_Stuff

5 years ago#7
This was in a private match, health was on miniscule.
It looks like im not scoping in BECAUSE I recorded it from theatre mode. It has the same effect as spectating someone quickscoping from any of the cods. (The scope doesnt zoom in or goes black. 'Blackscoping') When on my screen, I can see through it. This was a upload for the comp' community. Didn't realise it would get so much attention.

User Info: known2FAIL

5 years ago#8
LMAO! Good job NOT reading the description. He said it was a private match. Most likely EVERYONE was quickscoping. Also... He said that HEALTH WAS ON MINUSCULE. That means that you will die by getting hit with a smoke grenade to the toe. I bet half of those were not a one shot kill and he would of been ****ed after getting a hitmarker.
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