Poll : PP90M1 vs MP7

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User Info: Trollol56

6 years ago#1
It feels like the PP kills faster then the MP7 but the MP7 has less recoil?

Whats better statistically ? and whats better in your opinion

User Info: Gameninja521

6 years ago#2
I feel like MP7 is better all around. They are both great guns, but the MP7 can do things that the PP90M1 can't. For example, I killed somebody literally across the map without letting go of RT with the MP7. The PP can't do that. Then again, I feel like the PP is more powerful. Overall, I'm going with the MP7.
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User Info: Chokoon

6 years ago#3
The best attachment on the MP7 is rapid fire. barely no recoil. use MP7 with silencer+Rapidfire or Rapifre+Range are probably your best choice

The PP90M1 is pretty much beast with any attachment or proficiency.........i do recommed kick though
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User Info: Gunther482

6 years ago#4
MP7 also has a 40 round magazine vs. 30 on the PP90M1.

User Info: Chokoon

6 years ago#5
Gunther482 posted...
MP7 also has a 40 round magazine vs. 30 on the PP90M1.

36 to be exact on the PP90M1......do a research first bro
The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them

User Info: MobiusUnoDos

6 years ago#6
PP90M1 definitely has a damage advantage. Range on the MP7 does not mitigate that fact. I was shooting a guy from perhaps 20 meters with Range on my MP7 and it still took 5 hits to do him in. I don't think the difference with Range is worth it, as any SMG player worth his salt will stick to parts of the map where he won't have to shoot far.

MP7 with Attachments or Kick is best, as Silencer + Rapid Fire is an amazing combination and kick almost totally eliminates the already negligible recoil to the point that you have a literal laser.
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User Info: AdamWest78

6 years ago#7
MP7 is definitely better IMO. The super low recoil beats the slightly higher damage of the PP90M1.

User Info: Pics_nao_plz

6 years ago#8
MP7 easily. Was looking forward to using both guns but I absolutely loved the MP7 while I had a love-hate relationship with the PP90

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

6 years ago#9
So far, pp90. I got gold on that gun and it is ridiculously good. MP7 just feels weaker, but I haven't unlocked range tho.

I always use range + silencer on my smgs, except for the mp5 which is rapid fire + silencer.
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User Info: HeroicBloodshed

6 years ago#10
I just got to lvl 74 yesterday. Used the MP7 for about 4 games so obviously I don't have rapid fire yet. That thing is pretty damn good even without rapidfire. I can't even imagine how beastly it is when I unlock it. The PP90M1 is my favorite SMG by far but this thing might just take over as the first gun I use my prestige token to unlock first prestige.

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