So MW2 DLC $45 for 15 maps, MW3 Elite $50 for a total of 12 maps? just wow

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  3. So MW2 DLC $45 for 15 maps, MW3 Elite $50 for a total of 12 maps? just wow

User Info: L96A1BOSS

5 years ago#11
SwordToTheChest posted...
I got the hardened edition so I got Elite for basically 40 dollars. But I have a job, and I can think of much bigger wastes of money than this.

I got it for $40 too don't forget the people who paid $50 i knew what ever content they offer wasn't going to be worth no damn $50 they just want quick money up front.

User Info: BOBBYJOBE1433

5 years ago#12
Wow there must be more than that, maybe those are original maps? And they'll release rehashes of older maps on top? I knew they were gonna be stingy but that's awful! It always seems off when they want your money first before you even know what they're planning.

Come to think of it every CoD runs on the same engine, couldn't they just copy and paste all the original maps from MW and MW2? I mean how hard would that be.
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User Info: L96A1BOSS

5 years ago#13
Spanky1225 posted...
I love how the TC only counted the maps and ignored 6 missions and 2 modes.

Stop drinking your haterade.

i only play cod for MP i still haven touch one single spec ops mission to me they wasting my time with crap.

User Info: StealthClown

5 years ago#14
$5 for playing each map pack a month in advance. I'll take it.
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User Info: wilsonxcore

5 years ago#15
L96A1BOSS posted...

Some of the other 10 might be cod4 or mw2 maps this have got to be the biggest waste of money i ever seen. I knew infinity ward did not have the talent to fill $50 worth of new content what you think?

That all depends on if they are all new maps. MW2 had 4 rehashed maps from COD4.
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User Info: patkelly929

5 years ago#16
Basically, Hardened Edition was the best bet.

You got Elite for 10 bucks cheaper.

With Elite you get the maps for 10 bucks cheaper.

Without Elite and getting the standard edition, and all the DLC, it would be $60 for the DLC.

Hardened Edition got you the maps for $20 less.
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User Info: Sxescotty

5 years ago#17
30$ for 10 MW2 maps there little guy. If you don't like the game and think it's a horrid rip off than you probably shouldn't be on this board, just sayin' I know I'll get my moneys worth.
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User Info: CallMeSeeker

5 years ago#18
patkelly929 posted...
it would be $60 for the DLC

No, it wouldn't. 12 maps means 3 map packs for $15 each, which is $45 total.

And you'd still be getting less maps than in MW2.

User Info: L96A1BOSS

5 years ago#19
I might pick up black ops 2 i just know i ain't jumping head first into paying for maps again, you just leave them no insensitive to actual create something when they already have your money that where this community mess up.

User Info: Yours_Truly18

5 years ago#20
patkelly929 posted...
Basically, Hardened Edition was the best bet.

The best bet was getting the standard version for about $50 on amazon, new, with release day shipping, and a $25 credit towards a 12 month XBL gold card, and skipping out on these s***ty over-priced maps.

And that's exactly what I did. :)
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  3. So MW2 DLC $45 for 15 maps, MW3 Elite $50 for a total of 12 maps? just wow

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