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What does it take to make you Rage Quit

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User Info: TWYWPMF

5 years ago#1
Spawn right as a car explodes? Team of corner campers? Rocket launcher?

What does it take for you to go "**** this back to the menu"
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User Info: Timmotheuss

5 years ago#2
Avoidable situations, like me shooting a good second at someone before they have the chance to shoot back and still kill me, or shooting and having them tank the bullets to knife you.

Or the ever popular "me going 20-3 while everyone else goes 5-10, 2-16, 3-12, etc"
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User Info: BANDlCOOT

5 years ago#3
This game hasn't got what it takes to make me rage quit.
True Story.

User Info: Gladion20

5 years ago#4
Nothing, I don't leave games.
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User Info: SparkItUp

5 years ago#5
Corner campers are a sure fire way to get me to just quit....That and horrible team mates (going to lose anyways, may as well just quit if your team is terrible)....I never dashboard though.

User Info: SoulStealer2684

5 years ago#6
I never dashboard but I do quit if BS happens alot like...shoot first, die first...Shoot someone's back and still get killed...etc...etc...
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User Info: Appetiser

5 years ago#7
Getting put into a game in progress on Fallen.

Actually, I've been rage quitting a ton lately. I think my weekly W/L is under 1.00, whereas my all time is nearly 2.00.

User Info: nexigrams

5 years ago#8
Bad connection. ie I ragequit 99 times out of 100.
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User Info: bdbz81489

5 years ago#9
Demolition on Dome
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User Info: DevilDave20

5 years ago#10

Never do. I prefer to refocus and try to finish the game even or positive, then throw on the tryhard class the next match to show the opposing team they are not that good and that there type-95, fmg-9's, and head glitching tactics won't defeat me.

Tryhard class for me = Blind Eye, Assassin, and silenced G36C or MK14 so the lack of team support doesn't get me destroyed by the opposing team's killstreaks.

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