Free mw3 prestige token!!!!

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User Info: snakeyes01

5 years ago#1
You to be a gamestop power up rewards member to get the free token. First go to, Then go where it says exclusive power ups rewards memebers also get a free prestige token. Then type this code 5XSH-C25SJ-8XRE. enjoy :)
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User Info: patkelly929

5 years ago#2
Thank you.

It looks like I got it. I've been meaning to get another custom class.
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User Info: drewpot2001

5 years ago#3
Code isnt multi-use... >.>

User Info: zxrax_alt_1

5 years ago#4

From: drewpot2001 | #003
Code isnt multi-use... >.>

Well duh.
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User Info: Gamerguy92

5 years ago#5
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