looking for teammates, real actual teammates....

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User Info: Mystic_Ehrgeiz

4 years ago#1
for some reason i cant explain, i loved MW3 and still do, its hard to explain and maybe has nothing to do with the point here...anyway

im looking for actual teammates, so play any game types but as long as we play the objective of that particular game. if you are looking to do a montage, go for the highest K/D every match regardless of the objective, please dont even bother.

maybe the reason why i loved this game so much is that i used to play w friends and we used to communicate in game about what was going on, just so we didn't lose.

this is more a throwback topic, because if you play cod you're prob playin bo2 now...but i went back today and lag was non existent, and well...its always good to spice things up.

User Info: Nintgmr00

4 years ago#2
GT: iTzz Ziggy

I play kill confirmed and play the objective. If I'm with a party, we usually just get the lead then stop collecting tags so we can get kills. That way we can go for good games and still win. If I'm alone then I just go for the win. I am currently working on 1000 kills with the precision airstrike, so I'm usually on quite a bit. Add me if you want, it's always nice to have more friends to play with :)

User Info: Mystic_Ehrgeiz

4 years ago#3
other people around playin this game ? hit me up

User Info: Falletaris

4 years ago#4
GT in sig, I play the objective regardless of the gametype, though I prefer drop zone. Hit me up to play.
XBL GT: iamRevan117
I worship the tenth divine, SKOOOOOOMA!!!

User Info: Weaselpiggy

4 years ago#5
I mostly play tdm and I'm on the west coast. GT is Weaselpiggy. I'm down to play some other game types, I'll be on around 2:30.

User Info: Geo_Charger

4 years ago#6
I can communicate pretty good with my team, I usually play domination but an open to other objective games. I have a 2.08 K/D but it does not phase me if i don't do good in a game as long as we win. I always rush the objective. And am an incredible team player. Hit me up XBL: Geo Charger
US Army - Currently going on 7 Years
Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/GeoChargerGaming

User Info: Dastan093

4 years ago#7
I'll be getting this again tomorrow. Granger Games have it for £8, so I figure why not.

GT: River Tam SG

Also have a mic.

Just send a FR. Hope to see you online.
Gaming since 2006 - PSN & Steam: Darkhawk16e - 360 Gamertag: River Tam SG - I enjoy the gaming without raging :D
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