DLC Character Setups

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User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#21
Since you did the Zande...


Close Range
Starting: Wooden Quauhololli
Alternate: Stone Quauhololli

Mid Range
Starting: Macuahuitl
Alternate: Tepaztopilli

Long Range
Starting: Tematlatl
Alternate: Atlatl

Finishing Weapon: Tecpatl

For his finisher, the Jaguar would stab the opponent in the side with the Tecpatl, and then hit them in the side if the head with the blunt end of the Macuahuitl/Tepaztopilli, knocking them to the ground. He then holds their helpless body down as he cuts open their chest and rips out their heart.

The Jaguar could have an Eagle warrior as his alternate costume, and both would have cotton padded armor that would reduce the damage of some projectiles.
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User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#22

Close Range
Starting: Sica
Alternate: Roman Scissor

Mid Range
Starting: Trident
Alternate: Fascina

Long Range
Starting: Sling (Light Ammo)
Alternate: Sling (Heavy Ammo)

Finsihing Weapon: Net (doesn't do damage, but can be used to entangle opponent)

For his finisher, he would get the net completely over the opponent. While they fall to the ground incapacitated, the Gladiator takes his Trident/Fascina and looks toward the screen, waiting for the "emperor" to make his decision. If he gives a thumbs down, the Gladiator yells in satisfaction and stabs them in the chest. If he gives a thumbs up, the Gladiator will get pissed off, and kill the opponent anyway =). The "crowd" then cheers loudly as the Gladiator holds out his arms, posing in victory.

For armor, he could start with the look he had on the show (Thracian I believe), and you can unlock the slower but better protected Murmillo armor.
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User Info: Kcrone1988

7 years ago#23
this is a great topic. one bit of advice the scottish sword was called a claymore (not a mine)

User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#24

Close Range:
Starting: Ild Sword
Alternate: Horse Scimitar

Mid Range:
Starting: Hooked Lance
Alternate: Glaive

Long Range:
Starting: Mongol Recurve Bow
Alternate: Mongol Recurve Bow w/Explosive Arrows

Finishing Weapon: Flanged Mace

For his finisher, he would smack the opponent in the head with the Mace. He then takes out his bow and fires two arrows, one into each eye.

For armor, he has a choice between lighter Leather Lamellar and heavier Iron Plate. He also has silk overtop that has a similar effect to the Jaguar's cotton.
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User Info: Yamchafang

7 years ago#25
I just want the Aztec for DLC xD
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User Info: Wodashin

7 years ago#26
Wouldn't explosive arrows be extremely overpowered?

Like Grenado in arrow form?
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User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#27
Maybe it could be one ammo, or he would have to light the fuse and set it up before firing.
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User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#28

Close Range:
Starting: Akinakes
Alternate: Makhaira

Mid Range:
Starting: Cornel Spear w/ Silver Pomegranate Weight
Alternate: Cornel Spear w/ Gold Pomegranate Weight

Long Range:
Starting: Persian Short Bow w/ Blunt Broad Arrows
Alternate: Persian Short Bow w/ Narrow Broad Arrows

Finishing Weapon: Sagaris

As his finisher, he would take the Sagaris and drive the spike end into the opponent's stomach. He then takes his spear and stabs them in the heart with it, twisting it to make sure they are dead.

His armor would be the typical scale armor and wicker shield. His starting outfit would be the one he had on the show, while the other would be more of a robe-type outfit.
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User Info: Avirex923

7 years ago#29
I just realized, neither the Shaolin Monk or Maori Warrior had any projectiles on the show. What would they use for long range weapons?
I'll do it later.

User Info: Ninjablade882

7 years ago#30
I think Shaolin Monks used Chinese throwing darts as part of their weapons training. Not often, but i'm pretty sure they did.

Not sure about the Maori, however.
Anata is the best band ever!

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