Deadliest Warrior 2

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User Info: SpikeGames

7 years ago#1
Simple poll, please vote once a day only.

For a sequel would you rather:

1. Get an all Legends game, as a new title (not DLC to the current title). It will have 8 legends, 4 arenas, a whole load of game play improvements etc. And then DLC plans for this title will follow as well, but a lot closer to the game launch. Or we could just charge 1200 ms points and give you a full lineup from the get go.

2. Get a modern warriors game, most probably an FPS type game which will feature a class based battle system, map making and some unique DW twists.

So please cast a simple vote and any comments you may have.

Option 1: Legends Fighter
Option 2: Modern Warriors FPS

User Info: skyemc2004

7 years ago#2

I vote for 1. Whats nice about Deadliest Warrior is that there isn't any current fighting game like it out there, it brought a different experience to gamers. I think that a problem with moving into the fps market at this point is that it is extremely competitive right now. While I wouldn't want to dissuade you from trying something new I feel strongly that you already have a good foundation with this fighter and I think it would be wise to build off of what you have.

User Info: raven47172

7 years ago#3
I vote for option 1
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User Info: Perfect Hunter

Perfect Hunter
7 years ago#4
Option 1 all the way. In the interests of curiosity, I'd like to know what the DW 'twists' would be for the FPS option, but Vlad the Impaler, come on :)
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User Info: CStrife07

7 years ago#5
Of the two options, I'd take number one

Being me however, I wanted to add in my own $0.02

A standalone game that offers only characters over its predecessor could split the playerbase or simply not get much attention, especially when the previous game has more of them (when the DLC is added)

Getting a console game would be a monumental achievement, but it would allow for a bigger budget to work with and by extension a full roster in less time along with more polished play. Probably my only complaint with the game (besides ragequitters) is parrying, the game would get more move variation and mindgames if the button to parry corresponds to the attack.

Above all, choice one though. Shooters are a risky venture and it could be my lack of creativity, but I can't see how a lower budget shooter will find its niche and put up a fight with the big ones like Halo and Call of Duty.

User Info: VladIIITepes

7 years ago#6

With out going into a million details, I will make it short & sweet.


User Info: Venomholder

7 years ago#7
I think 1 is the best choice.

We have enough 'Modern shooters' what makes DW The Game so great is, its different then any other game, and to make it where you can play Legends would be an amazing idea, it would be a totally different feel of the game.

We don't need another shooter.

We need LEGENDS!

User Info: Reichmaster01

7 years ago#8
I would prefer a gladiator type game, but given those options, I would definately choose 1. Althought I am not sure how you would make option 2 so different from the other thousand FPS out there

User Info: Avirex923

7 years ago#9
Option 1, for pretty much every reason that's already been said.

I'm confident that you guys could pull off a solid FPS, but I'd rather have the Fighter expanded upon. This is a fun, unique game that has lots of potential if it's ever further developed. Shooters nowadays are far too similar and numerous for my tastes. You guys have something special here that I feel shouldn't be abandoned.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure most of the DW fanbase watches the show mainly for the Ancient match-ups. The Modern warriors have always been somewhat of a "side-dish". The Ancient warriors are the main attraction, because they offer something new and unique that people haven't seen before. Everyone has seen military dudes shooting at each other, but a Spartan duking it out with a Ninja? That's fresh entertainment that people want to see ! Or play in this case...

This probably translates to the game's fans as well. Most of us would rather fight as awesome, legendary warriors using exotic, varied weaponry instead of some Average Joe with a regular ol' gun.

Well, those are my thoughts. Thanks for asking us about this Spike! =)

P.S. Will the sequel be an arcade title as well or is there any chance at all that it and the original will ever go full-retail?
I'll do it later.

User Info: IEatFishFood

7 years ago#10
Option 1... Though I'd have liked for all of the characters to be in one game.

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