Does anyine still go to this board?

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User Info: Laserguy30

5 years ago#1
Looks like this board has been dead for a few months now, which is truly a shame. I'm still a big fan of this game and try to play it every now and then but its tough to find a match.

Just looking for some friendly matches for anyone who actually is or is willing to play Deadliest Warrior.
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User Info: happysteve789

5 years ago#2
for some reason when i try to play this game it gets stuck at the M rating screen if it dident happen i would play with you.
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User Info: Fireman100000

5 years ago#3
Im trying to get some players for tournament achievement boost if ur in.

User Info: M4karov

5 years ago#4
I LOVE this game. I took a break from the game for a few months and I'm completely saddened that the online portion has mostly moved on. I have to put this game in my top 5 all time fighting games, alongside bushido blade.

Add me for a match anytime - gamertag ANTIDEAD360. Hope they make a new Deadliest Warrior game that brings the spark back!

User Info: gamesterluke

5 years ago#5
i still play both this game and the DW:legends game with my friend, if anyone wants a game just send me a message :)
Gamertag = fatlessGamester
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User Info: gorfgf

5 years ago#6
I jump on and play a game every once in a while still. Glad to hear people still looking to play games. :)
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  3. Does anyine still go to this board?

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