where, when and how to get rush beat ?

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  3. where, when and how to get rush beat ?

User Info: SkyHeaven

6 years ago#1
I just started Gen 2 and I dont have rush beat yet to do axel rave. I cant find the topic anymore saying which dungeon or title give this skill ?

also what are the best combo that someone can make by themself for Blue, ! and Red ?

User Info: Angryshooter

6 years ago#2
there is your answer: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/995884-record-of-agarest-war-zero/59544372

now please dont make 2 topics about the same thing.

User Info: rosariocapu2

6 years ago#3
i was able to get access to the skill "Rush Beat" by either suriving 3 turns from Arzest or by killing 16 pixies and mabs!!!

User Info: Ray5555

6 years ago#4
Or you can find the book in Lodger forest. It is right before the forbidden tome. You can then make Square Cross and Rush beat.
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User Info: Bootowski

6 years ago#5
Or if you're the lazy type, just advance the story. Seriously. You get 2 characters that start with the skill in Gen 2.
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  3. where, when and how to get rush beat ?

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