Templar Lair: Liquid Gold

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User Info: Trance24

6 years ago#1
I got the Collector's edition so I don't know if this is something that is only on CE's. But currently I am in a Templar Lair with Mission called Liquid Gold and now the objective is to kill a Templar but I do not see any way to get up to kill him. I climbed up all the way till he sends his guards and mine workers at me but no way to kill him.

User Info: showoffmob2

6 years ago#2
If you're on the lower level, facing his perch, look to the left. You'll see one of those swinging pots that you can use to go around corners. It'll take you to a place where you can go up to the second level to activate a lever. Do that, then you should get a cutscene showing a second lever on the opposite side. Go activate that, then return to activate the first lever again.

His platform will collapse and he'll flee.
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