How to disarm the tough guys?

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User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#1
Sorry, I don't know the English name but I'm talking about the big enemies with heavy armor. The mission has me disarm at least one of them and kill him with his own weapon.

Now i had tried to disarm them before and couldn't and that didn't change. They kind of "counter" the disarming move and then Ezio and the enemy struggle over the weapon for a short moment, but no matter what button i press, Ezio loses every single time.

I also tried smoke bombs to stun him and kicking him first, but it just doesn't work.

So tldr: How do I disarm them?

User Info: Hotsumaru

6 years ago#2
not sure if you mean brutes or papal guards if they have swords or axes they are probably brutes in that case taunt with triangle then disarm if they have spears and normal armor just disarm normally if they have spears and fancy armor they are papal guards and you need to take a hit before disarming on the second

User Info: tankkiller365

6 years ago#3

you need to weaken them first then they wont counter. I think they are called brutes.

User Info: snake3rules

6 years ago#4
try different weapons ... small weqapons are good for counters on big guys, imo...

User Info: Nami_hana

6 years ago#5
The hidden blades work on EVERY weapon for countering.
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User Info: MrCool27

6 years ago#6
Taunt them (triangle). They drop their defense and will always attack you after the taunt. So it's a matter of countering with no weapon equipped, other than your fist. You will take away their weapon and finish them off.
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User Info: Vargz

6 years ago#7
Oddly enough I found that I could only disarm the second hit in their combo. So I'd have to sit there and get hit by the first strike, THEN disarm the second.

User Info: Ameriph

6 years ago#8
I actually experimented with this and found that if you move the control stick towards Ezio, he will disarm them instantly--or it seems like that.
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User Info: Escapey

6 years ago#9
I thought one could only disarm using your fists. In any case, I haven't been able to with brutes or the guys that use pole arms. Instead I dodge the first swing and stab stab stab.

User Info: Hotsumaru

6 years ago#10
you can only disarm with fists and most different guard types have different tactics to disarm basically regular seeker and agile guards can be disarmed normally with no special tactic brutes can be disarmed after a taunt and papal guards can be disarmed during a 2 hit combo after getting hit with the first hit.

captains like at the Borgia towers cannot be disarmed as far as i know because they have a health bar far in excess of other guards and are basically bosses so if a guard can be instant killed with a hidden blade counter they can be disarmed if not they can't.
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  3. How to disarm the tough guys?

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