AC2/Brotherhood differences.

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User Info: coldbus

6 years ago#1
I have observed some differences between AC2 and Brotherhood gameplay wise. Some are obvious, like the addition of kill streaks, and some aren't.

1. Hired courtesans don't fight anymore. Once a fight is initiated, they would just run away. I remember the kept daggers strapped to their thighs back in AC2.

2. Hired thieves steal from citizens. I noticed when I hired some thieves, I see 10f 16f 14f popping up on the screen like i've been pickpocketing. I don't remember them doing that in AC2.

3. Vigilantes are back from AC1. It's funny how they look almost the same as the ones from the crusade.

That's all I can think for now. Feel free to share your observations.

User Info: Senta

6 years ago#2
Auto-Walking while Blended in a moving crowd. Oh man I love that addition.

User Info: DemonReacher

6 years ago#3
Courtesans never really fought in AC2, but they the guards did go beserk on them for wielding knives and were a good distraction for a few seconds. I remember the first time it happened, thinking, where on earth did all the guards run off to? I turn around and see like 4 guards slaughtering those whores
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User Info: Ultimate_Timmeh

6 years ago#4
Flags are back + there are now maps for all collectibles (treasures, feathers and flags).
The 100% sync requirements.
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User Info: Holy_Banisher

6 years ago#5
I haven't played AC2 in a while but does anyone remember if the courtesans auto left your group to distract guards that gets within their range? >.> That was sooooo annoying when I had to infiltrate the pagan festival thing.

User Info: James Mason

James Mason
6 years ago#6
Yeah courtesans always did that... They get pushed out gradually when you have guards nearby.
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User Info: meowmeow85

6 years ago#7
one of the things i noticed was that there is no longer quicktimeish events in the cutscenes like being able to give leonardo a hug put bandages on rosa, or dispatching a few guards so you have fewer to deal with in the fight.

love brotherhood, but who didnt get a little nostalgia for AC2 when hearing the venice and florence themes while walking around in the cristina missions

User Info: coldbus

6 years ago#8
There's actually that time where you have to use your hidden blade to strip off Cesare's armor.
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