Level Cap Increase.

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User Info: Lucarioaura22

6 years ago#1
Hello fellow assassin members today i have a question that may also be a question others have.
Should there be a level cap increase and to what level?
I personally think we should get an increase to about 70 or 80 along with a DLC featuring harlequin and officer and a new map.
Many people that follow Ubigabe on twitter have said there should be a prestiege system. I just have a lot of question on my mind and wanted to see what others thought.

(Sorry if grammar is off i try people)
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User Info: gahzridian

6 years ago#2
Please no prestige. This game has to stay as far away from CoD as possible.
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User Info: king_zetta

6 years ago#3
I would sink another 30 hours in if they did that
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