Unicorn Cheat unlocked?

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User Info: Xyphas

6 years ago#1
I was mashing random buttons on the load screen(when you can walk around) and this message appears "Unicorn Cheat Unlocked" what is this? this game has codes?

User Info: tag545

6 years ago#2
you unlock cheats for having 100% sync i dont know what they do yet

User Info: Xyphas

6 years ago#3

User Info: Thermador446

6 years ago#4
I think cheats are for when you replay a mission, but I can't say for sure.

User Info: Askeladd

6 years ago#5
One can never be sure, but I am pretty confident calling BS on this topic.
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User Info: Sephrick

6 years ago#6
I received this too. It was in the loading screen after the villa attack in Sequence 1. Though I thought it said "Ride the Unicorn" cheat unlocked. It all happened quick as I received a trophy and some UPlay achievement all at the same time.
I poked around the menus and couldn't find a cheat section at all. Was just curious what it did.

User Info: XxDunexX

6 years ago#7
I got this too, and I'm not sure how to apply the cheat. My first thought was that when you call your horse, instead it will be a unicorn that comes to you.

User Info: Raivar

6 years ago#8
I haven't tried myself, but I believe it would apply to when the dude wants you to catch Mario's horse at the beginning. It already seemed Unicorny to me(lol, Unicorny)
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User Info: dubKART8

6 years ago#9
I saw it as well. Anyone know what it's for?
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User Info: LinkMastah

6 years ago#10
cheats are gained as you get 100% in certain missions, when you replay a mission you turn on cheats form the menu, the unicorn one turns horses into unicorns, and gives weapons a lightening aura, don't believe me then try it

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