Coliseum glyph

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User Info: stinkyaol

6 years ago#1

hey I have been searching for a while and can't seem to find the glyph on/at the coliseum...can anybody explain where it is? thank you

User Info: stinkyaol

6 years ago#2

Oh yea and it doesn't even have to be specific, I just need someone to tell me if its on the very top or on the ground. Any help would be great.

User Info: ico9999

6 years ago#3
near the top

User Info: ranmafan

6 years ago#4
On an outwards facing wall, at the top of the coliseum.

Funny thing was, I searched for it for about half an hour the first time, mostly along the top wall, then the second time I looked for it I realized I'd been standing right on top of it the whole time, I just hadn't looked down. =P
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