Templar Lair?

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User Info: Highsteppa79

6 years ago#1
What is it, and where is it? I have beat the game and almost 100%, but I have never seen a templar lair.On a side note, where can I get a Vlad the Impaler coin? I have 5 and need 6. I sold two of them at the beginning of the game on accident.
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User Info: Fjoeri

6 years ago#2
As far as I know, there are no Templar lairs. There are little "templar" logo's on your map, but those are just small assassination missions. I think that's what you're missing.

About Vlad's coins, don't know.
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User Info: Highsteppa79

6 years ago#3
Nope I have done all of the Templar agent missions. The map key clearly shows Templar lairs. It is a different symbol from the Templar agent missions.
GT = Thundacat79

User Info: WakaFlockaCguls

6 years ago#4
I have the collector's edition, it's probably exclusive to those editions.

User Info: Mud_Chan

6 years ago#5
Vlad coins are a reward for a 5 star contract you send your assasins on, I believe i London. After completing it, just clear as many contracts as you can and it will eventually come back to the list.

Also, occasionally Romulus thugs will run after you in random places at random times with a group of 8 or so. Loot every single one of them. They are loaded with good stuff like Vlad coins, silk, shrunken heads, Indian diamonds, and more.

The only thing I haven't found is the final ingredient for the doctor shop quest. I've gotten 142/144 treasure chests, haven't vendored a single item, and looted almost everyone. That item seems very rare.
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User Info: MetrosexualVaan

6 years ago#6
The Templar lairs are probably the 2 exclusive maps that came with the collectors edition.

User Info: showoffmob2

6 years ago#7
I have the Auditore edition, and it came with a solo mission named "The Aquaducts", which was an interesting and original mission that was listed as a "templar lair" on the map...

So I think you got screwed out of 100% completion.
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