PSN Names for True Assassin Trainees

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User Info: ElkTheBurning

6 years ago#1
Congratulations! You along with many others have recently been chosen from the best of the best of our Templar Peons Union. Unfortunately, we could not deduce from the initial psyche tests that many of our recruits would not gather the true meaning of their training.

We here at the Quality Training for Dedicated Templars believe all those committed to true Assassin Training should be able to do so with like minded individuals.

If you would like to sign up for this great opportunity, please leave your PSN name below. Then feel free to add others that seek to share in this elite training.

Remember, this is only for those amongst you that appreciate the training in Assassin Ways of Hiding in Plain Sight, Stealth, and Not Relying on Firearms.

PSN: Elken27

User Info: Raivar

6 years ago#2
PSN: Ravechaosknight

I would love to play a game that involves stealth(and no guns or Temp vision for that matter)
"Trolls are my specialty, just let me grab my 2 bore and a barrel of red herrings. My fee you ask, no charge. I hunt for vengeance not profit."

User Info: tidus55

6 years ago#3


i always play stealthy, and as such rarely go into chases...and i've never even touched the hidden gun...even when i had it on one of my profile sets i never even touched it lol.

User Info: NexusSpawn

6 years ago#4

PSN: PWner-Drake

A stealth game should be played stealthy. Im in.

User Info: BalGrim

6 years ago#5
PSN Naarifin89

User Info: antares005

6 years ago#6
Add me up.
PSN: antares005

User Info: Exkopizer

6 years ago#7
i always play stealth..
xbox60gamertag: exkopizer PSN: EXKOWIZER

User Info: azrael88

6 years ago#8
I'm in.

Provided the $@#ing server lets me play for once, anyway.
"Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life."
PSN ID: Zakrael

User Info: Lobo420

6 years ago#9
after having to deal with idiots/roof runners/high profile kills for hours last night im up for someone that actualy knows how to play, i hardly ever use guns or templar vision. my name is in my sig & will be on later today
GT: Lord Lobo420 / PSN: PandaPandaMan (not my idea it was the name on it when my PS3 was given to me)
Waiting for Star Wars: ToR & KoToR 3, DA2, ME3, AC3

User Info: SolidHaseo

6 years ago#10
I use the hidden gun but I want ways to get more points for stealth so I'm willing to lose HG.....PSN SovereignSky
"Fade into darkness,Oblivion!"~Yamato
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