For all players!! Shrunken Heads and Aconite

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User Info: Lioyd_the_hero

6 years ago#1
It seems that the two main shop quest items people can't find are 2 Shrunken heads for armour, and 1 aconite for fast poison.

This topic is to give locations for those two items or other shop quest items. The only location I know of for shrunken heads is in the Romulos Mission: The sixth day. In the last area on the right side of the large hall

User Info: Lioyd_the_hero

6 years ago#2
Ok another Shrunken head is in the North West Antico district in a chest.

Where are the Aconiote's?

Also there is a theif mission where you chase Occa on horses and at the end is infiniate bandits til you leave. You can use this to farm other items

User Info: SoPoF

6 years ago#3
There's already a topic about Arconite. You only get that stuff from Borgia couriers. No other way.

User Info: Halfie22

6 years ago#4
replay that mission with the killer doctor and follow the blood trail of the courtesan and there should be a courier with aconite nearby. takes a couple tries

User Info: MissTFayed

6 years ago#5
I found the Aconite quite by accident in Sequence 5. Still looking for one more Shrunken Head.

When do I get to The Sixth Day?

User Info: final_chance

6 years ago#6
Damnit. I just did that Romulus Lair and didn't find a Shrunken Head. Now I gotta go run it again....where is it exactly? Does anyone know?

I'm in Sequence 7 MissT, though it might have unlocked in Sequence 6. I neglected them for a bit.
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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
6 years ago#7
The shrunken head is located somewhat near the place with the huge cross and the romulus altar. Basically it's in a corridor on the right side on ground floor.

Anyone know where to get silk... ? Need one more for the crossbow bolts pouch and i'll have all the shop quests done
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User Info: final_chance

6 years ago#8
I got most of my silk from thieves. And thanks for the locale details for the shrunken head.
"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"
PSN ID: FatBeezzee

User Info: ultradude2345

6 years ago#9
Silk is a common reward on Contracts for your Recruits

User Info: SkunkHunter

6 years ago#10
There’s a lot going around about Aconite. I can confirm that you only get it from Borgia Couriers (not even pickpockets). I looked up topics and tried to figure out how to get some. I have played this game for quite a while, and enjoy wandering around. I tackled lots of Borgia Couriers, at least a dozen, and not gotten Aconite. Obviously, if you find them when you’re not in a mission (particularly one that doesn’t require you to maintain absolute stealth) and if you’re out in the open, they’re easy marks. Otherwise, not so simple. Still, I’d chased down every one I could and no Aconite.

So I searched and found topics, all dealing with Sequence 4, Memory 6. So, I tried it. Being a statistics sort of person, and also trying to be maximally helpful/honest, here’s what I found:

First, the credits. What I found seems to be ultimately based upon something that Ashfire posted on a different, but I think related, website (Gamespot). Looks like, later on in that same thread, tjacks found a potentially better way of doing it, but I haven’t checked it. I actually just found that all and the links trying to give credit where credit is due. So first, credits to Ashfire, for posting the first attempt to help everyone out trying to find Aconite. Second, credit to those who posted it, followed it, and tried to improve upon it, including Lenskop, Mongey, UnKoWnG4MeR, Lioyd_the_hero, and SoPoF.

This does seem to work to generate a Borgia Courier. Like the original poster, I’m thinking that it always generates one nearby; you just may not see him before he leaves the area. To get to the area, I advise that you: 1) jump onto the wall by the Courtesans; 2) jump onto the roof beyond; 3) run to the Leap of Faith point and leap; 4) get out of the hay; and 5) head down the street (away from the hooligans).
I’ve seen Couriers spawn/appear all along that road and/or the courtyard immediately to your left (with the courtesans). Walk (don’t bother running or sprinting yet) down the road and you should see a Courier. Results below (somewhat in hopes that you don’t lose faith and/or think that you’re having odd results; I’d be happy to hear of your experiences).
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