Assassin names?

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User Info: AlbionsGreatest

7 years ago#1

I thought maybe since both the Assassin's we have played as have awesome names (Altair, Ezio) maybe we could come up with our own Assassin names :P

Mine can be... Delano Ancitorai Deprasio, I think that sounds Italian enough :D I picked Delano since thats my middle-name LOL.

Anyway... you guys try and think of some, they don't have to be Italian...

User Info: gamegyro45

7 years ago#2
If you're making an Italian name, add "Da ***" like Leonardo DA VINCI or Ezio Auditore DA FIRENZE. That was used a lot and it tells people where they come from. For Arabic names, add "ibn" or "al/el" as prefixes.

For Italian, you guys can use these if you don't know Italian names: First names- Last names-

- Carlo Goggio Da Venezia

User Info: c0re-55

7 years ago#3

Ickle de Pickle de Da Pi doodoo.

I am Ickle de Pickle de, and like my ancestors before me, I am an Assassin!

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