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User Info: godFORBIDjelly

7 years ago#1
Just curious about how this is gonna work for multiplayer. Is it gonna be create a character or preset characters to play as?
gmrtag~ godFORBIDjelly

User Info: bobbyrk

7 years ago#2
No. There are only preset characters, and like a lot of other multiplayer games as you level up, you'll gain access to new abilities that you can use to customize. Once you level up to a certain point, you'll also unlock new costume variants for each character.
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User Info: godFORBIDjelly

7 years ago#3
kk Thanks.
gmrtag~ godFORBIDjelly

User Info: ssjmatthew

7 years ago#4
that sounds cool, I was worried there wasnt going to be a level up system in brotherhood, now that I know this, brotherhood turned from a picking it up soon after its released, to a must have on day one. I made the mistake of going into many games when the MP was already going for a while, and getting completely owned, I wont make the same mistake with brotherhood, noobs, prepare to feel that icy blade between your ribs on day one
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