How do you deal with restricted areas?

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  3. How do you deal with restricted areas?

User Info: zombiegamer23

6 years ago#1
1. Sneak around, kill as few guards as possible.
2. Kill many guards, but silently.
3. Screw stealth, I'm gonna run in and cause as much trouble as I can without a hint of subtlety. :D
4. Other

I'm #3.
I'm on the Highway to Hell.

User Info: PSO_Mage

6 years ago#2
i kill EVERY guard, very stealthy like. usually using a combination of poison darts, crossbow, and my assassin followers =D leaving nothing left in my silent path of destruction.
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User Info: Sevryn08

6 years ago#3
#2... i luv me sum crossbow
"I stopped playing halo when I was banned from playing ranked matches because I didn't want to spend more money on maps." -F1uxCapacitor

User Info: raptalien

6 years ago#4
Generally 1.
However, I have accidentally 'charged' in when I accidentally fell from a roof and got spotted by everyone - and the captain was doing a runner. So I ran after him to kill him.

I also found that Captain's always run for the door. I dropped infront of the door (dispatching the two guards guarding it) and shot the Captain with a crossbow bolt. He ran straight into my hidden blade. =D

User Info: Evilthehedgehog

6 years ago#5
I spam my recruit button and let my recruits deal with them

User Info: RAD24

6 years ago#6
Definitely 2. - Courtesy of annaesthetic - Love, Velvet_Nabob

User Info: Bigj089

6 years ago#7
I use my Chuck Norris unlockable character and use my Hidden Fist and Roundhouse to kill everyone.
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