"Washington Sits Above the Green"

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User Info: wishface

6 years ago#1

For puzzles to work they have to use a language common to the player. Assuming that everyone playing this game not only wants to endure these godawful cryptic riddles, but can understand what the designers were thinking is a tall order. I cannot understand this riddle at all. I have no idea what it's referring to or where or why and frnakly it's spoiling my enjoyment of the game. I don't like puzzles in the least.

User Info: Pure_LionHeart

6 years ago#2
Then just scan the pictures until you find something suitable to click on.

PROTIP: It's the left flag.
The Bird of Hermes is my name, Eating my Wings to make me tame.

User Info: wishface

6 years ago#3
What is the left flag? What is it i'm trying to do? I don't understand any of this. What is this code wheel and coordinates business? There's no explanation of anything. The symbols don't match at all.

User Info: BritishTw8

6 years ago#4
The picutre of the building to the bottom left of the dollar note, there is a flag with the abstergo symbol. highlight that, then you will have the correct co-ordinates for the code wheel

User Info: wishface

6 years ago#5
The Abstergo symbol? Not the number 48 then, as indicated in the clue.

Rather fail.

Besides you can barely make out, if at all, what's on the flag.

User Info: Shinobi_Daisuke

6 years ago#6
The clusters are way smarter than you're giving them credit for. People these days are so accustomed to not thinking critically that puzzles like these are hard for some to figure out, but really all you have to do is analyze the situation and follow the subtle advice. If you don't understand that you're supposed to scan the images looking for the proper coordinates to begin decrypting, then maybe you should pay attention when you notice that you're moving a small box and when you press A it tells you whether you have the correct coordinates or not. Scanning for the coordinates is by far the easiest part of any cluster in this game because not only do you have a limited surface to scan, but Shaun is even there to help you make sense of the clues in the headline.
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