Desmond's Hidden Blade

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User Info: AznBoi45654

6 years ago#1
In the end of AC2, Desmond got a hidden blade that was identical to the one that Ezio had (in AC2) but in ACB Desmond has the "strap" hidden blade and I'm just wondering wtf happened to the "Ezio" hidden blade. It was way more badass.
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User Info: Taintedreign

6 years ago#2
well the hidden blade Desmond has strapped to his arm can be concealed where as Ezios couldn't
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User Info: AznBoi45654

6 years ago#3
Yeah but the "Ezio" one can deflect and can be used to attack while the strapped one can only be used to stealth. And either way, Desmond only used the hidden blade twice in the game. But I still wonder where the Ezio hidden blade went...
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User Info: bebop013

6 years ago#4
its possible it is the same blade, but the gauntlet was removed so its more concealable

User Info: Rob_Indahood

6 years ago#5
You can also ask:

- Where his bad-ass hoodie came from. It now has a subtle emblem on the back and is red on the interior.
- Where his new shoes came from
- Where his new courier bag came from.

And I'm sure they could mod the new hidden blade with something to deflect attacks. Not that'd he need to anymore, as Abstergo will probably start using guns.
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User Info: Dragons_Legacy

6 years ago#6
It's the physical blade that allows it to deflect attacks, not the Gauntlet. Read your codex notes and pay attention to what Leonardo says when he reforges it folks. Altair specifically says through the apple he has learned to make their hidden blades more sturdy to withstand constant blows, allowing it to block attacks.

Evidence of this is shown in the codex and think about it this way; Altair had a metal gauntlet as well yet he couldn't use his hidden blade to block because by story canon, the blade was too fragile and break. Current blade Ezio and Desmond are using can blade a blow from a Heavy weapon -____-....
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User Info: agentspoon

6 years ago#7
Which is why Ezio's father had his blade snapped in Lineage as he was using the old school type blade then Ezio had Leo remake it according to Altairs design.
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User Info: Dragons_Legacy

6 years ago#8
Forgot about Lineage. Yeah, Giovanni's Hidden Blade was still based on the original model, though it's position was moved down to allow for his ring finger to stay (which I find odd if his Hidden Blade is the old school blade), as the original plans for the re-envisioned blade was lost with the Codex.

Hidden Blade broke in one blow in Lineage if I am not mistaken. Blocked one attack and it was gone. The gauntlet is the same as Ezio, but it is the blade that changed. Remade to be a helluva lot stronger.

So nah, Desmond didn't lose the ability to block attacks with his hidden blade. Unless those straps are reinforced, he can block attacks, but I have this sickly feeling the straps themselves wouldn't hold and his gauntlet would go flying off...
"A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves." ~German Proverb

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