Ki blast, teleport trick?

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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

6 years ago#1
I foughta few S ranks and they seemed to be able to throw a series of ki blast then teleport behind me? How is this done? (Sorry if this is a noob question)

User Info: Master_Janemba

6 years ago#2
While throwing or using ki blast. Punch the air and press the X button at the same time. The ki blast has to hit.
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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

6 years ago#3
Thank you, not knowing this has cost me a ot of battles

User Info: SwordOfLight

6 years ago#4
It's a glitch though.

User Info: Loegi

6 years ago#5

Please don't use it, it's a glitch.

User Info: Terminator_x20

6 years ago#6
Every character can do this, but SSJ3 Goku is the only character that I've seen doing it with a super attack at the end. Shoot alot of ki blast at your opponent, and do Meteor Impact

User Info: NeoMSonic

6 years ago#7
everybody with a QTE super can use ki blasts to it.
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User Info: J Koch

J Koch
6 years ago#8
Ki Blast telepot into a rush super is pretty risky since if they just deflect the blasts you waste meter.
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  3. Ki blast, teleport trick?

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