So how do we know if we will even get a RB3?

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  3. So how do we know if we will even get a RB3?

User Info: yutterh

7 years ago#1
Seems a lot of people are starting to dislike the RB series already. mayeb this game will tank and we wont get another DBZ game ever.
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User Info: PrinceVege101

7 years ago#2
I believe Ryo said they were considering GT for RB3 or some such. Besides, the first one tanked yet we get this one, they make money either way.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

7 years ago#3
ryo said gt characters will be in rb3.

User Info: ssjsasuke7

7 years ago#4
Why would you want a RB3? I think Spike should take a couple years and come up a quality DB game because this isn't it.

User Info: DutchKraken

7 years ago#5
Correction to everyone, he said he IS THINKING ABOUT getting gt-characters for rb3.

So far, I don´t know, there are some characters I think can be without and exchanged for other more important characters, Doore, I mean... really? Ow well, I like the other andriods but Doore? :o.

The only 4 actually who impacted the story-line, are Saibamen, Mecha Frieza, Cell Jr and Hercule, those are litterally the ONLY 4 left now. And I might understand even to leaving all of them out. Saibamen wouldn´t get used if there is a bigger better self-destruct character around (Android 16/Chaitzu) and Cell Jr's would be nothing compared to Cell himself. Mecha Frieza would basically end with a little bit like a clone from the normal Frieza, except other supers and Hercule is just to weak overall to actually make him descent, except the idea of insane high damage output without the ability to flinch might be a good solution. But those are from the anime itself, let alone the movie characters without.

One of the more important characters from the movies and still missing is Tapion. But with the exclusion of giants (they MUST do something about Giants in RB3 <_<, they are almost fundemental now, Oozaru Scouter Vegeta, Oozaru Kid Gohan, Giant Slug, Dr Wheelo, Baby Janemba, Hirudegarn are 5 which are actually important in anime and movies), also when going to GT and including Baby Vegeta Golden Oozaru.

But hey, just wanted to say that it isn't 100% sure, it's probably 90% sure that there will be ANOTHER sequel after RB2, and this time... I hope they do it right and start to work on it the moment RB2 has came out, but announce it after about 2 years, 2 years seems nice :).

And all right now I've been waiting as Trailer #3 from BT3, one which includes 90% of ALL the characters in this way:

That was some trailer :).
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User Info: CyberLance26

7 years ago#6
Should not King Cold have impacted the story-line the same way Mecha Frieza did?
Frieza would not have been able to return without King Colds help.

User Info: Spyker_Revived

7 years ago#7
^They both didnt impact much the story just plot devices to show SSJ Trunks is leagues ahead of everyone else in that part of the series

User Info: kbrooks444

7 years ago#8
They may add in the characters you mentioned. IMO it would be stupid to do a half way done gt again. They need to do a super detailed(never before seen on consoles) gt story. I know some don't like gt but actually they can improve the story if they wanted too.

They can finish up z in this game and maybe for next add in the henchmen characters as npcs(some can be actual characters..sheesh),add in the missing giants but as Bosses. Some that you can control yourself. And the majority(no excuses) should be mostly ALL gt.

They need almost everyone. With some being giants. Goten,Gohan(alt with some new moves from gt and more than 1 alt),Trunks(end of z as an alt as well and he's not an alt of sword trunks) ,Goku,Vegeta(all forms this time) etc.

They also need to merge the characters that used to be different versions of the same characters into 1. But with different methods. Like M Vegeta should be an item. I would love to see a budokai 3 type of cutscene of base vegeta transforming during battle. But without the low health requirement. I would like to either choose to pick fully transformed or transform during the match. Same goes for Mecha Frieza except he can't transform. You equip and get new moves to select from in addition to the old final form moves.

Trunks definitely needs to be merged. The sword should be an equippable item. And he needs to get new alts and supers.

For rb3 I'm suggesting and I mean least 40 actual new characters. They can take their time.

There's alot spike can do to make rb2 and 3 a success. But they need to get smart.

User Info: Ryumoau23

7 years ago#9
They will always make more and more DBZ games till they have milked it completely dry. That is why they keep withholding characters and story scernerios in every game. And when they make a game that has a majority of the characters like BT3, they make a reboot series like RB and start fresh again. >_<
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User Info: PrinceVege101

7 years ago#10
Unless the PS4 is about to bust out, can't really see a second reboot after RB3. Maybe they'll reinvent Sagas or the like after, who knows.
El Dorko was here.
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  3. So how do we know if we will even get a RB3?

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