Nazi Zombies character catch phrases

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User Info: blindbeaver

6 years ago#1
I love them so much. They are the best!

F*** You fido!
Teenage pregnancy rates went down 50% after black ops came out
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User Info: vital_vertigo

6 years ago#2
Dont be afraid of death, be afraid of ze doctor.
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User Info: twuffos_squared

6 years ago#3
Some stripper must have stolen my money!
*unzips pants*

User Info: gigasguy

6 years ago#4
Now that I am out of ammo, I'll have to resort to SHTABBING!!! :D
If you rolled into a wall over 9,000 times, you would have such a bad concussion that it would hurt to talk. This is why Link doesn't talk.

User Info: StrawberryFthrZ

6 years ago#5


"That's the last leg you'll ever hump freak dog."

"We need to turn the power on! It's like deja vu all over again."

"No power, no glory."

"Okay, woah! That was bad-ass!"



"Whoo! More **** to kill with!"

"Lets send those freakbags back to 1946!"

"Reach for me, Jugger-Girl...oo-rah."

"Whatever...even a blind squirrel is right twice a day."

"K to the I to the A Zomb****!"

"How come Richtofen's portrait is bigger? Must trying to compensate for something."

"Ah great, this again."

"Hey player! Why don't you drop the chips and get me some ammo!"

"Please, I have no job!"

"Stay away from my vodka! ...What? It's a ****c!"

"This makes Nikolai very happy, like first date! ....I bring home flowers!"

"You are dead now! But you were dead before! Ahh **** you!"

"Have a round on me! Get it? A "round"? Eh.. never mind, **** you."

"No it's my vodka! MINE! MY OWN!"

"You know how to say owned in Russian?! OWNED!"

"I think Dempsey is right. It is a bit fishy"

""What's that clicking? Oh, ammo!"

"Out of my way ****!"

"This is like standing in grocery line!"

"Snipers may wear diapers, but they get all the ladies!"

"Ahhh, that smells terrible. Kind of like my sixth wife, she was pretty though. Smelly and pretty, weird combination"

"Oh, I like, it's pretty!"

"Don't worry guys! Nikolai is coming for you!"

"Who didn't pay the electric bill?"

"You don't want my soul, it probably tastes like vodka."

"No power! Just like home."

"Why am I so heavy now?"

"They're trying to fetch our souls again!"

"Holding this up makes my arms so tired!"


"You cannot even beat a drunk Soviet!"

"This is nice and light...'"

"Why is no-one caring about my lack of ammo?"

"just what the doctor ordered!"

"Oh, I feel stupid..."

"I'm out of ammo! Maybe I should just drink instead..."

"Wha-what? I was only taking a nap!"

"How do you say... "Thank you" in Idiot?"

"You see what happened to me? There were thousands!"

"You don't want my soul. It probably tastes like vodka. Mmm... vodka."

"Well, they say the camera puts on 10 pounds."

"Hey Dempsey! I think they got your bad side!"

"Richtofen looks a little younger in this picture"

"I hate you, Takeo..."

"Hey! Someone took the picture!"

"I have made mess in trousers."

"Reach for vodka tooooniiiiggghhht..."

"We need to bring light to this dark place."

"*chuckling* The Emperor would be amused!"

"I will show them the path!"

"I need more honor!"

"Hmm, a drink that requires a... mature palette"

"I have no ammo. I have no honor."

"That will keep them out for a thousand years... eh, a few seconds."

"I cannot be defeated!...probably.."

"You kill me? No! I kill you."

"You had an unhappy ending! Ha ha ha!"

"Not on this day, tormented soul!"

"Let the light of a thousand suns purify your souls!"

"A true warrior needs no weapon!"

"I will fire honor at them mightily!"

"What? The voices are louder!"

"A gift from Sam? But why?!"

"I can smell my own blood! FEAR ME!!"

"For the revival of the un-fittest!"

"Blood! The beautiful BLOOD!"

"Did the voices tell you to save me?"

"Without bullets I will have to resort to....STABBING!"

"My mother told me to stop hurting animals."

"Mommy told me not to hurt animals any more!"

"And, he is no longer with us."

"I need to find some ammunition... *wailing*"

"I am nothing but a peasant!"

"Alas, the doctor is too poor to buy this..."

"Yes, now their kidneys will be all MINE! And none for you, Dempsey"

"He went "splat""

"Yes, COME TO ME, minions!"

"Aww, the poor puppies!"

"They are hurting... we must help them!"

"Look at it, crawling to me!"

"It has no legs, but still moves. Interesting."

"Yes, YES, explode!"

"It hurts, doesn't it? GOOD!"

"Oh, the showers of the damned!"


"I'm going to kill sooo many now."

"It's still alive! It has exploded!"

"The flames... of the damned!"

"How can I hear the screams when it has no mouth?"

"Do you feel it? Oh I hope they feel it..."

"Samantha, I talked to you about this."

"This is MY creation! And I will destroy it! AND clean it up!"

"How can I be running out of ammo?!"

"No ammo is no fun!"

"Yes, my children, I am coming!"

"So THIS is what Maxis was keeping from me!"

"They will be all over the walls! And the ceiling! And the floor!"

"More time to play with my pretty ones!"

"(impatiently)Ja, ja, ja, the power's off and we need to turn it back on."

"Ugh, this is just so... heavy."

"Get off my legs, minion!"

"Just DIE!"

"How DARE you touch the doctor?"

"Oh joy! No power!"

"Oh look, its me...but not quite as magnificent!"

"Oh its a picture of the monkey bomb!"

"Its eyes are following me!"

"Hello Dempsey..oh wait..its just a portrait...AN UGLY ONE!"

"This one did not photograph so well."

"Could this be the DG-3, the DG-3 that is just for me?"

User Info: StrawberryFthrZ

6 years ago#6
I win?
3530-9056-9328 Anivia The Cryophoenix <3
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User Info: Infinite_Evo

6 years ago#7
"My aim is straight. My vision is blurry" - Nikolai

You forgot that one.

Black Ops ally code: 2217-7057-2714 ~ wP/Handherps
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User Info: CelticLink94

6 years ago#8
Where are these portraits they refer to?
~~~~Frozen Primates and Polite Rodents make for really good bands~~~~~
"The extreme irony of life is that nobody gets through it alive"- a friend

User Info: MonkeymooXD

6 years ago#9
Also forgot Pew pew forom Takeo with Ray gun.
CoD BO: 5180-3562-2316
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User Info: ---DAN---

6 years ago#10

Now that I have a shotgun, all I need is a shotglass

This is lighter than a feather, but more than twice as deadly

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