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Meteor on Zombies?

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User Info: Kpederson61

6 years ago#1
So, my friend and I were bored of L96'ing christmas n00bs and we decided to see how far we could get solo on zombies. After lots of Pack a Punches and tons of yelling and fun, I decided to get the "secret" song as people say. So I get the three parts of the meteor to hear Dempsey say "This has to be the last piece" and no sooner do I hear the creepy voice say "Get ready for a surprise!" Silence. Nothing. No song, no nothing. So my question is, why leave that out, and what does getting all the pieces do??

User Info: MentosKing

6 years ago#2
Unfortunately, the secret song only appears on HD consoles. There's probably no surprise for getting all pieces on Wii.

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User Info: Kpederson61

6 years ago#3
Awww man! I hate it how it says get ready for a surprise then! And then whats the point of the meteor!

User Info: advancewarsnut

6 years ago#4
There is no point. The voice says "Get ready for a surprise" because you'll be expecting a fun song to play but then nothing will happen, so it actually does wind up being a surprise. Treyarch's just smart like that.
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User Info: BlueShadow9

6 years ago#5
The meteor though does increase the difficulty by a little bit.

User Info: BrownsM1

6 years ago#6
I recorded gameplay from getting the song on the 360 version at my friend's house and it actually never says "get ready for a surprise" but as soon as Dempsey says his line, the song starts.

someone on here says the meteors on the wii version give you a better chance at getting monkey bombs which would explain hearing its voice when getting the last meteor. (completed but may need a bit more editing)
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