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buttons or fight stick?

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User Info: aznxrc2o6

6 years ago#1
yeah is there any real difference between the buttons or fight stick? if so what?

User Info: Tux1515

6 years ago#2

You have more punch options and controll with the stick. The game was intended to be played wtih the stick, so I would just get used to that. Once in a while I will use the face button for some really quick jabs, but that is it really.

User Info: murd3rfac3

6 years ago#3
I use both beleive it or not.

My controls are set up to punch from either the stick or the buttons.

I use the buttons when I am boxing on the outside because there is no quicker way to lose control of a fight then to throw a hook when I wanted to throw a jab/straight. My button combinations are pretty much double jabs or jab straights.

When the fight gap closes I switch to the stick for this reason. To be able to combo and hit a guy while not getting hit at the same time involves alot of decision making. In some situations if you throw a hook you'll take a punch, but if you threw the uppercut your opponent would miss. From the stick you have alot more punch options quicker. Also my combos from the stick are usually 3-4 at a time so the flow is alot easier when you use the stick.
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User Info: Chodemonster

6 years ago#4
I use stick solely because I plays the previous fight nights. I like having total control.
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
6 years ago#5
I use stick, but I do press buttons accidentally at times which actually leads to some good combo moves.

But I'm used to the stick control with playing previous Fight Night games and the skate games too.
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User Info: jackorhoads

6 years ago#6
i do something similar to murd3rfac3, i thought i was sweet!
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User Info: joseppe

6 years ago#7

I use button's from the outside (1-2 combo, jab/straight) but inside its much easier to use the stick.

So depending on who I'm fighting I switch it up back and forth.....normally I use a bit of everything each fight.

User Info: rumbleroseman

6 years ago#8
I like using the Full Spectrum Control just like I used the Total Control scheme from FNR4. It takes a little practice, but you'll get the hang of it. Try it on the Heavy Bag Combo game. You can learn the art of Full Spectrum Control there.

User Info: pauljayess

6 years ago#9
use the stick, buttons feel primitive now like ive gone back to 1999
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User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#10
I always used buttons in previous FN games, and a combination of both in that great FN3, but now that they simplified the TPC system i don't see the point in using buttons anymore.

The more you practice with the stick you can become a master with it, throwing all sorts of combos; with the buttons you are taking the risk of button mashing, foolishly wasting your stamina.
I feel it's almost the same case with the combination of buttons / stick.

Even more, having to press two buttons for uppercuts makes possible to miss an uppercut chance in the heat of battle; with the stick it's a mere flick on it.
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