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User Info: budlight_07

6 years ago#1
Is their a way to fight the Bare knuckle fights without going through Championship mode? I want to play against friends in the bare knuckle fights.
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User Info: emacdaddy08

6 years ago#2
Unfortunately I think you have to download one of the add-ons that just came out, lame, I know.

User Info: chiao321

6 years ago#3
yup, its a dlc mode u have to pay for.

User Info: Defaomega

6 years ago#4
theres a glitch to play it. go to the main menu before signing in. once ur in the main menu w/o being signed in. sign in. then go to game modes and it should be there

User Info: _NeoDragon_

6 years ago#5
^^ This does not work I have tried this, and nothing happens. If you want it you will have to buy it.
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