I cannot beat Issac Frost to save my life.

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User Info: TFEKaOs

6 years ago#1
This is really beginning to piss me off, I can make it to round 3 with getting knocked down just once, but round 3 is all down hill, I try and flick the left analog stick to get away but I can't get out of the way of a shot, there has to be a way to beat this guy. I always end up getting knocked out in the 3rd.

User Info: TheDemon2000

6 years ago#2
Give him body shots up to the 75 that you're supposed to then move around the ring. spend this round and the next 2 rounds doing this. don't go toe to with him. Round 6 and 7 you'll be guarding a open eye, 8 shots max. just keep moving, i know the movement gets tough sometimes and your guy gets stuck. By the 8th round, just throw left and right hooks, and Issac will be down in less than 10 secs. Just keep moving. rounds 3 and 6 have checkpoints, so don't worry.

User Info: oldschooldogy

6 years ago#3
You have to listen to your corner man and its easy. You have to bacially block and run the first 2 rounds. Then hit him in the body 75 times in the next 3 rounds, then basically run and block for 2 more rounds, then go for the knockout. Its hard to loose if you do it this way. I beat him the 2nd time.
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User Info: DeadDogB

6 years ago#4
At least i'm not the only one...its driving me nuts
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User Info: Mack7mle

6 years ago#5

if it's really giving you problems, trying turning down the difficulty level...

User Info: mad2k6

6 years ago#6
This is what I hated about Champion mode. Too many gimmicks. Doesnt allow you to just go in their and box. Against Frost you basically know you can only afford to get knocked down twice. After the third I cant get up. You have to make it to the 3rd round without getting knocked down and the game will save at that point. The first two round dont even throw any punches. Just run and block. If he crowds you try to hold but dont do that too many times. The moment he cuts the ring off just go in the other direction. If he has you cornered, push him away quickly. Its really important you dont get knocked down until at least the 3rd round. You need a cushion because its impossible to avoid it. The 3rd round you have to stick and move, In and out. Doesnt matter if its hooks, straights or jabs. I would do jab straight so you wont have to be so close to him. No more than 3 punches at a time. Get up to 25 punches in rd 3 and then just run and block until its about 5 secs left go in the rd and just throw as many body punches as you can cos you dont have much of a risk getting knocked out cos he wont have time even if he stun you. Rinse and repeat for rd 4 and 5. If you get stunned, hold as quick as you can if you can only absorb another punch or two. If you have enough stamina to absorb more just block and back up. Like me your probably gonna get knocked down once or twice in those 3rds. The game saves again. Rd 6 and 7 is basically the same as 1 and 2. Just block and Run and avoid getting hit in the right eye. Try moving clockwise until he cuts you off. Its hard for Frost to hit you in the eye if your moving away from his left. After that your home free. Round 8 just attack him and he will eventually go down. Just dont be careless.

User Info: TFEKaOs

6 years ago#7
I was able to beat it the other day, the 1st 2 rounds i only threw maybe 5 punches combined, I got knocked down once in round 2, and then once in round 4, it was pretty easy after I got done with that. Keeping my cut from getting hit wasn't that hard for me and after those 2 rounds I knocked him out pretty easy.

User Info: Neek804

6 years ago#8
If they just let you box frost(highest difficulty) then you would destroy your game
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User Info: BillyFnWilson

6 years ago#9
When you have to land the 75 body blows, here's the strategy I used. Always back away and take defensive measures to keep his hands away from your face and the uppercuts away from your body. When you can just the distance well enough, time him when he lunges in with a wild hook, counter with a jab or straight, then do a quick bodyshot combination and get the hell out of dodge, repeating the strategy. If he starts swinging almost immediately after your initial counter straight, back up and run a little more, no sense in taking unnecessary damage.

User Info: DeadDogB

6 years ago#10
I Finally beat him....just don't get knocked down in the first two rounds then for the 75 body blows just
go close,punch,move away..go close,punch,move away...just do that over and over & you should do it ( might still take a few tries ) then the protect your cut rounds are easy then after those rounds a few punches and he's down
My friends girlfriend looks like Jabba the Hutts fat ugly sister and i wanna punch her face just for that reason and film it so i can watch it in slow motion
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