Spending money in Legacy Mode

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User Info: rrwalton

6 years ago#1

Can you spend money on anything other than training? If so, how?

User Info: Cgarza05

6 years ago#2
Nope just training. Yes it sucks

User Info: Tha_One

6 years ago#3
Stupid. I have 1,402,759 but nothing to spend it on lol.
E.... Not just a vowel, but almost promises you'll get laid by a lady at the club. Pooh Da Stryker

User Info: TheFuzz177

6 years ago#4
i'v had like 15,000,000$+ before... I think my money eventually reset though, cause i loaded up my game one day, and all his money was gone, and it started back around 460,000$ after i won my next fight.

Kinda dumb money has no point in this game.. Why can't we use money in Legacy mode to unlock other boxers?
What, we gotta spend our real life money?? Thats garbage ;o
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