What an awful map pack

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User Info: the_old_n0va

7 years ago#1
i cannot believe how bad this map pack is i've deleted it off my harddrive because i hate the maps so much

carnival could have been so good but it just sucks, you die then spawn on your body 2-3 times and die before you can even ads or throw a frag

fuel is the only semi decent map

trailer park can be ok but is very easy to spawn trap

vacant always sucked in cod4 and is no better here

strike is the same as cod4 great for deathmatch and awful for objectives

overall a waste of £10 and thank god i never have to play these maps again
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User Info: CoUnTeR0rDeR

7 years ago#2
so you're saying the only decent map is fuel, which is based around camping more than others and has a horrible glitch that attracts noobs (the rock).

just no. all the other maps are awesome.
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User Info: ArcadiaDragon

7 years ago#3
Honestly, I don't like these maps either. I wouldn't say its awful, I was just let down. And seriously, patch the rock. I can't stand glitchers, no matter what. Nothing has ever made me wish I could kill teammates outside of hardcore like that darn rock.

User Info: Uzumaki_Ninja

7 years ago#4
This map pack is completely awful imo. The only good maps are the two from CoD 4. The previous map pack was way better, I like all the maps from that pack except for Bailout.

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