Worth getting for Day Z?

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User Info: Giantwaspface

5 years ago#1

I was wondering if the Day Z mod is sufficiently decent to warrant buying Arma 2. Normally, I'm not really a fan of military shootery stuff, but I have a soft spot for survival horror and a friend of mine assured me that its a great (if punishing) experience.

The thing is, I'm not usually too fond of multiplayer stuff either, so how does day Z stand up as a single-player experience?

Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.
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User Info: The Lionheart

The Lionheart
5 years ago#2
I'm thinking about getting it myself, but if you are solely against teaming up with people I think you would be better off. From what I hear people tend to kill you only for your stuff rather than work together. The whole open world element with zombies just feels too good to pass up and I want to play it while it is still popular. I'm just curious of how big the game file is if I download it.

User Info: nandabun

5 years ago#3
Myself and a small group of friends I know beforehand, from other games, got it.

I don't know what exactly about this game is so entrancing, but I just can NOT stop playing.
We also get on a Skype group call when we're in-game, to make things much easier.
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User Info: Dagoth_Wit

5 years ago#4
In its current state, it's brutally hard for new players. You don't even spawn with a weapon now. This was done to curb some of the rampant spawn killing that was going on.

The learning curve might as well be a right angle. If you stick to it and learn the different mechanics, it's a very rewarding experience. Just keep in mind that it's still in alpha. That means lots of weird bugs that can kill you inexplicably.
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User Info: c0rr0s10n

5 years ago#5
Worst glitch so far I had was funny as hell. I was in a church and had to log out. I went prone on the stairs next to the altar and broke my legs. How funny is that? I laughed for 10 minutes.
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User Info: ELightShow

5 years ago#6
Hmmm, my friends love it and complain cause I uninstalled it due to glitches (most annoying is shutting your self in a building only to have zombies clip through doors/walls/floors and kill you, kinda pointless to try to secure a building).

Since you don't like mp this shouldn't be and issue but the DayZ/beta patch was messing with me joining Combined Ops mp which I love and the parachute training mission is glitched. (All could be from me not installing the beta patch correctly, if so sorry :) ).

Once it's complete and balanced it should be good, but as of now I'm staying away.
Hope that helped.
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