How do you beat Paul Bearer in RTWM?

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  3. How do you beat Paul Bearer in RTWM?

User Info: Y2Jfan23

7 years ago#1

I've hit him with finishers but he won't die. Help please.

User Info: Master619

7 years ago#2
I knocked him out in 31 seconds with strong groggy grapples, no finisher used. Just keep hitting him down, picking him up and groggy grappling him.
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User Info: RavensRules69

7 years ago#3
Kind of a related topic (I didn't want to make a new post just for this), does anyone know if it's possible to edit Paul's outfit in Superstar Threads? I wanted to give him his red coat that he wore when Kane returned to RAW in 2000.
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User Info: kayoticdreamz

7 years ago#4
ya this guy took me like 30-40 minutes he wouldnt freakin die. i did find the time i beat him i didnt use finishers but instead beat the hell out of him with everything else groggy grapples weapons and stomping repeatedly.

whats depressing is hes a NPC.

User Info: hadeniguess

7 years ago#5
1. kick gut
2. strong grapple
3. pick up
4. repeat a thousand times (use weapons if you like)
5. finisher
6. repeat all for 25 minutes
7. CRAP! still awake
8. 30 or so minutes later...
9. finally! well, that took forever.

just do that

User Info: AzaneAzer

7 years ago#6
30 seconds, nothing special, didn't even get to signature on momentum meter.

User Info: wheelzzzzv1

7 years ago#7
i cant beat him either im playing with kofi and nothing is working
---Gamertag: darthwheelzzzz

User Info: draweso

7 years ago#8
Thanks soooooooo much dude u rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was thinking this is hopeless then i tried to do what you did and it worked cheers!!

User Info: cigaro

7 years ago#9
Whats wrong with you people? I beat him in like two minutes.

And no, you can't edit Bearer in Threads.
I'll make you humble.
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  3. How do you beat Paul Bearer in RTWM?

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