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User Info: Flyers82

7 years ago#1
the only thing i want them to do with this is give us the ability to edit the music and moves i hated downloading CAWS that had the wrong moves and the whole music deal sucked last year
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

7 years ago#2
100% agreed. i was so excited for this last year, i thought to myself "svr2010 will finally be the game i can recreate all my CAWs and give them their own theme and level them up and download some great ones and then make amazing stories and dvds and titantrons with them" but then story editor limited CAW use... downloaded guys themes and moves could not be changed... after that i just didnt bother and, once again, barely played the game after i beat all RTWM. Its still sad that no game can capture no mercy's esssence.

I know people say this to death, but keep the SVR controls but give me customization over my guys damnit. I mean you could have CAWs in story mode, edit existing wrestlers looks at least, and other crap. And i layed that game for YEARS still crack it out a couple times a year to play it. Where is smackdown 2010 i played for the first 3 months... when no DLC came out i didnt bother cuz i mean make the game and make a DLC roster pack for those who missed the cut but were still around, and release it at LEAST 3 months after releasing 2011, otherwise dont bother you know?

You gotta release that DLC quick for wrestling games, its not l;ike an episode to a game cuz u could make that 8 months later cuz then it makes people play it again, but since WWE games come out once a year, u gotta get that DLC out mad quick. Bah this may be the first year i dont buy a WWE game at launch. burned too many times. 2008 was garbage, 2009 was good but lacked stuff i needed for cuztomizing, then 2010 wouldve been the best game ever but limiting story editor and no adding music or changing moves of downloaded CAWs ruined the game completely for what i had planned and made me just not wanna bother wasting my time.

Long story short, keep going the 2010 route but just dont limit CAWs in story editor and et me edit downloaded CAWs as if they were my very own and 2011 will be my ultimate wwe game. Oh and bring back CAB and allow the belt to be HELD by someone and not just defended by anyone at any time. Make my CABs be real titles that stick to whoever holds it and maybe add "title history" so you can see like say the last 5 champs and the outcomes of their matches or something. just a thought.
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User Info: SaviorGabriel

7 years ago#3
I think ModNation Racers has the option to allow whether or not other people can edit your creations. Even if you tweaked it, and uploaded it, the creation still gives credit to the original creator. I see no reason whatsoever why this game can't do the same.
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

7 years ago#4
agreed, just let creators allow or not allow people to edit, cuz i know many dont care. i create plenty of CAWs and would gladly share some, but i havent in last 2 games cuz i was just pissed but in SvR08 i made lots of guys and swapped. hopefully 2011 is the WWE game to finally take 2 steps forward and no steps back
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User Info: Bankhead302

7 years ago#5
They will allow us to edit downloaded caws, but I hope I can transfer my caws from 2010 to 2011
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User Info: sleamey316

7 years ago#6
I think ALL caws should be able to be edited. The problem with choice is that most people still won't let you edit. We pay a lot for games so we should be able to do what we want. Obviously you won't be able to re-upload any caw that has Downloaded written next to it, that way you can do what you want without being able to take credit for it.
Also I want infinite attributes so that I can easily create realistic Caws without having to wrestle thousands of matches. Sure some people may still go up to 100 overall, but is it really much different than using main eventers like Orton or Undertaker or Triple H? There are those of us that want to distribute our attributes realistically and so we shouldn't be punished.
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