Preset entrances list.

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User Info: DoubleDare

6 years ago#21
Wish there was a moveset for sandman :/
On Your Mark...Get Set........GO!!!!!!

User Info: BillyAssGunnMan

6 years ago#22
What about tag entrances

User Info: Stevie_H

6 years ago#23
Champion Entrances
Superstars 1 - 41 Same As Non Title Entrances of the same number
Divas 1 - 10 Same As Non Title Entrances of the same number
Superstar 42 Slow climbing over top rope
Superstar 43 Raising belt over head, Rolls under bottom rope
Superstar 44 Raising 1 handed over head, fast walk, goes through middle rope
Superstar 45 Running out holding belt in hand
Diva 11 Holding belt over head then rubbing over chest

Multi-Title Entrances
Superstars 42 - 45 & Diva 11 Same As Above but with a 2nd belt on their waist

Tag Team Entrances
Tag 01 Wrist Clutching & Pointing
Tag 02 Arrogant Heels. 1 Turns Around At The Start
Tag 03 Both Do Fists To The Air At Start
Tag 04 Stretching Out & Arm Windmills
Tag 05 Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Tag 06 Mr McMahon & Shane McMahon
Tag 07 Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Tag 08 Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Tag 09 Umaga & Armando Estrada
Tag 10 John Cena & Tony The Troop
Tag 11 The Hardys
Tag 12 The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson
Tag 13 Jesse & Festus
Tag 14 Carlito & Primo
Tag 15 The Bella Twins
Tag Legend 01 Legion Of Doom
Tag Legend 02 Ted DiBiase & Andre The Giant
Tag Legend 03 The Rockers
Tag Legend 04 The Bushwhackers
Mixed Tag 01 John Morrison & Melina
Mixed Tag 02 Edge & Lita
Mixed Tag 03 Test & Stacy Keibler
Mixed Tag 04 Arrogant Couple
Mixed Tag 05 Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie
Mixed Tag 06 Generic Couple

Trio Entrances
Trio 01 MNM
Trio 02 Spirit Squad
Trio 03 nWo
Trio 04 Generic Trio
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