Rey Mysterio RTWM guide (Unlocks and challenges)

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User Info: KlausVincent

6 years ago#11

can you(or sb)write a guide to Cena's RTWM please.I want tounlock Vince but searching for challenges is tough for me.

User Info: micheal82

6 years ago#12
Thanks for the help!
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User Info: ryukoken6791

6 years ago#13
Great guide! Now can you do that for the other four RTWM?

We really don't need christians as its here
But the other 3 are nonexsistant. So PLEASE! Can you post Cena's, Jericho's and Undertakers with that level of detail? PLEASE!


User Info: WickedRogue

6 years ago#14
Anyone have Undertaker's yet?
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User Info: takbir

6 years ago#15

Hey firstly thanks for the whole guide sure is gonna come in handy. I just started Rey's RTWM but in week 3 when I find Edge in his locker room[with Christian], I talk to him once and he asks me to get this costume from the green room after I give it to him he doesn't really say anything bout Jericho so I just walked to the garage anyway but he wasn't there... Am I missing sth here?

User Info: mattElmer

6 years ago#16
Undertaker's RTWM,

Week 2 (Backstage Brawl): Randy Orton
Week 3 (Backstage Brawl): Kozlov
Royal Rumble (Backstage Brawl): Ziggler
Week 9 (Tables Match): Big Show
Week 12 (Backstage Brawl): Batista
WrestleMania (Last Man Standing): The Rock,

John Cena's RTWM.

Week 4 (Backstage Brawl): Confront Sheamus in the middle locker room.
Week 5 (Tag Match on SD): Fight Truth & Consequences (talk to MVP to set this up).
Week 7 (Tag Match on SD): Truth & Consequences for the titles (unlocks civilian MVP).
Week 8 (Backstage Brawl): Legacy (unlocks civilian Cena and entrance).
Week 11 (Tag Team): Santino vs. Legacy
WrestleMania (Singles Match): Vince in the Green Room.

User Info: StefanGrey

6 years ago#17
"You ever tried going mad without power? It's boring. No one listens to you!"

User Info: Viking_Funeral

6 years ago#18
Thanks 4 the mystery guide. I wanted to be sure to unlock rvd and funk the first time through, cuz frankly I can't stand the rtwm mode this year. So slow. Good ideas, implemented poorly.

User Info: Worldwidexplode

6 years ago#19
Thanks for the help!
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