What is the strategy to make people submit?

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User Info: AllPurposeChamp

7 years ago#1
What is the strategy to make people submit? It seems like I have to do a submission like six times before a person will tap. I know in the last game people tapped WAY too easy but now they just won't tap at all! Any advice?
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User Info: Rdawg22

7 years ago#2

you just have to work a body part with various moves and submissions till they are really hurt, but if they have the resilliance abbility it makes it harder to submit them

User Info: AllPurposeChamp

7 years ago#3
It's just crazy how off it is. Meaning I can hit you with a finisher like a choke slam and you will be done but if I try to submit you it will take forever for it to work! Why is that so? It seem to be broken to me. Like I had a submission match and it took me 6 times to finally make a person submit! Furthermore I was using the Dead Man and I changed all his movies to head movies. I beat the hell out of Rey and he just would not tap out! WTH???
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User Info: TheGGOA

7 years ago#4
I was using my ADR CAW in his first match against Rey and it took him forever to submit. Maybe it's just guys like Mysterio who are hard.

I finally did get him to tap out after damn near breaking his arm. I did all sorts of moves and stomps to it and slammed his arm into the ring post over 10 times. Also those damn rope breaks didn't help.

But he did tap out in the end.
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User Info: Providence6563

7 years ago#5
Erm i sort of feel that certain wrestlers are over-rated and over-hyped.
Like Miz for example...

WWE Universe set up a submission match between Jericho and Miz.
The Miz seem to be crazily over power! He reverse 50% of Jericho's moves
and he keeps getting himself out of Jericho's submission moves!!!

Took Jericho like near 10 submission moves to make him tap, even after
torturing his body parts like Torso, Head, Legs...

User Info: Swe_Wrestler

7 years ago#6
easyest way. or at least to get the tropy pinning is not the only way is by using a caw with the signatures and finnishers stf anaconda vice or hells gates they also have to be struggle submissions. my caw has stf and hells gate as a signature and anaconda vice and hells gate as a finnisher. those submissions are strong and direct on the head. having submissions as signatures is stronger then doing them as a normal grapple, and having a submission as a finnisher is more powerful then a signature. in my case I made most compaditors on normal tap out with one signature and one finnisher. only exeption so far is hbk and the undertaker. they requier one extra signature and sometimes one extra finnisher. it's also a matter of wich dificulty you have on normal for 4 out of 5 wrestlers one signature and one finisher out of those three moves will send your opponint to the tap out stage.

User Info: ACamp19

7 years ago#7
I learn the hard way all the time, my CAW is in a fued with miz and CJ... I fight CJ for the US title at a PPV in a submission match... i it were a KO match I'd had won five times.... but I couldn't make him submit for anything... then the SECOND he gets walls of J on me my guy submits... after like 30 minutes of just beating him to pulp...

next PPV I am fighting miz in a cage match... I climb the damn thing all the time and my guy is so damn slow... miz always gets me just before I get to the top... the last time it knocks my guy ot and he won't get up... miz basically runs up the wall and wins...

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