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User Info: bxfinest82

7 years ago#1
Do u Guys think that they will improve the hell in the cell physics. U know that stupid animation they had since smackdown 2 where no matter what different moves u do to break the roof of the cell they do the same exact animation. Ive rarely hear anybody complain about this... They need to make it like DOR 1 and 2 where when u do a move.. the animation continues example...u break roof of cell with the tombston...the tombstone animation continues all the way down to the mat it looks sick and THQ better not be Lazy this year.. I do like table physics they are 10 yrs late on that but better late than never.

Do u guys think they will fix the cell physics share your thoughts
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User Info: LCHR788

7 years ago#2

Because the main focus is on weapon/physics and the WWE has a ppv named Hell In A Cell.


User Info: bretnsid

7 years ago#3
I hope so, I still can't believe they've barely changed/improved anything for Hell in a Cell since they first introduced it (that was a lot of Smackdown games ago). I also wish they'd expand the area around the ring inside the HIAC like in DOR so you can actually wrestle around the ring (while still inside the cage) rather than having just "cage" moves at your disposal.
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User Info: ninjabay

7 years ago#4
^^ this.
since this year is about weapons the cell should be improved
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User Info: Bankhead302

7 years ago#5
It shouldn't be surprising that they have never changed the physics of the Hell in a Cell, they just changed the Royal Rumble last year.

Basically even when the fans complain about something It still takes Yukes and THQ years b4 they actually do something about it

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